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Taylor Lautner Calls Out Hurtful Comments From Trolls Saying He Hasn't 'Aged Well'

The 'Twilight' star took to Instagram to call out cruel comments about his appearance in a post for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Taylor Lautner
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Internet trolls and hateful comments don't affect actor Taylor Lautner like they once did, but that doesn't mean the Twilight star is okay with them.

In fact, he took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the subject after reading negative comments on his appearance.

He captioned his post:

"Spread love."

Lautner also added the hashtag #mentalhealthawarenessmonth.

In his video, the Sharkboy and Lavagirl star even displayed screenshots of some of the shaming comments that said things like, "He did not age well," "Looks like sh*t," and " happened," among several other unkind remarks.

Lautner explained:

"If this was 10 years ago, five years ago, maybe even two, three years ago, that really would have got under my skin."
"It would have caused me to want to just go in a hole and not go outside."

Fortunately now, Lautner shared he's in a "different place."

"You find value where you put it."
"And if you put your value in what other people think of you, that's how you're going to feel."
"But if you put your value in you knowing who you are, what's important to you, what you love, that kind of stuff won't get to you."

You can watch his video below.

The comments on this post were certainly very different.

Even his wife Taylor - yes, also Taylor Lautner 😊 - responded to the video:

"God I love you."


And Bachelor Nation's Clayton Echard - who opened up about his own body dysmorphia last year - expressed his gratitude and added:

"People need to realize the weight of their words..."
"You sharing will help others understand the power of their words and maybe next time, they'll reconsider before they hit send."


Many also thanked Lautner for discussing the topic and urging others to choose kindness.






And while acknowledging it's not the point of the post, others noted the hurtful comments are untrue.




Lautner drove his message home:

"My biggest point is just think about and remember where you put your value in life, and also just be nice."
"It's not that difficult. Let's be nice to each other. Let's spread love and positivity."
"It's that simple."

Very well said.