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Fox News Contributor Schooled After Sounding The Alarm About Ballots That Only Show A Vote For Biden

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

In the wake of his electoral loss to Joe Biden, President Trump and his sycophants have been repeatedly claiming with no evidence that the election was stolen from them by some vague sort of fraud.

Some claims of "fraud" are actually far less suspicious than conservatives believe.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, for instance, went to Twitter to claim something fishy was going on in "key states" because many ballots were filled in for Joe Biden and no one else.

Of course, Twitter quickly rebuked the claim, pointing out that "it is common for more votes to be cast for presidential candidates than House or Senate candidates, according to data from previous elections."

Bruce was quickly inundated with Twitter users seeking to calm anyone worked up by her misinformation.

Not only is only voting for the President not unusual, it also has a mirror opposite called "over voting."

Twitter user Dan McLaughlin, a conservative pundit at the National Review, even gave Bruce a deep dive on how the things she brought up weren't unusual.

At this point, it seems Trump's supporters are truly grasping at straws.

Even conservative analysts have been forced to acknowledge that Trump's claims of "fraud" seem to be completely without merit.

This is far from the first Trump-centered conspiracy theory to bite the dust, and it will probably not be the last.

One can only hope, under a President Joe Biden, that there will at least be less of them.