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Supermodel Ditches High Heels After Taking A Major Spill During Valentino's Fashion Week Show

Longtime supermodel Kristen McMenamy took a nasty fall during the Valentino Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week.

Screenshots of Kristen McMenamy falling on the runway

Supermodel Kristen McMenamy went viral when a video showed her becoming a catwalk casualty after stumbling on the runway during Wednesday's Valentino Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week.

The American supermodel, whose career mainly spanned from the 80s to the late 90s, was known for her over-the-top strutting that was reminiscent of a "vamp, stopping to strike exaggerated poses."

On this unfortunate occasion, she wobbled in her tall stilettos at the top of the runway and managed to stay on her feet–but only for a brief moment before she lost her balance again and fell to her knees.

Spectators gasped and a few even got up in an attempt to tend to the fallen supermodel icon.

But McMenamy didn't even give them a chance to reach her.

She quickly ditched her heels, got back up and reclaimed the runway in her bare feet like a boss.

The moment went viral with one Twitter video amassing 10 million views while another on TikTok was viewed over 2.2 million times.

Twitter user @VersaceVenus_ saw it as a lesson learned:

"This video makes me never want to buy Valentino shoes."

McMenamy poked fun at her situation with a photo of her getting prepped backstage.

She captioned the post with:

"Before the Fall."

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs responded to the photo with:

"be still my heart. breathtaking."

Fans showed their admiration for how the 58-year-old fashion icon recovered from the fall.







The troublesome designer stilettos seem to have a bad rep.

Twitter user Eboni, who shared the viral video, noted:

"Not the first time Valentino had shoe problems on the runway, I fear they just aren’t giving the correct sizes or their shoes are just that bad to walk in because if you have a 90s legend tripping like that? Hmm"

And in response to those blaming the model herself for the stumble, Eboni said of McMenamy:

"It’s mind blowing that they think she can’t walk in heels, like she’s been doing it for YEARS."

The user also mentioned:

"She’s been a model since the 80s/90s I’m sure she knows how to walk in heels."
"Last season valentino had issues with their shoes on the runway."

At a different Valentino show last October, another model looked like an amateur ice skater walking off the ice in her skates due to the ridiculously sky-high stilettos she was struggling with on the runway.

Last summer, McMenamy fell to the floor in Paris during the city's Haute Couture week.

Onlookers helped her to her feet after she stumbled during the showcase of Jean Paul Gaultier's Haute Couture by Olivier Rousteing Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection.

Like the legendary pro she is, she regained control of the runway with an assuring smile immediately after.