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Stormy Daniels Takes Down Twitter Troll Who Suggests Porn Stars Can't Be Victims of Assault

Stormy Daniels Takes Down Twitter Troll Who Suggests Porn Stars Can't Be Victims of Assault
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Adult film star Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels isn't taking any guff from Twitter trolls. On Sunday, Clifford showed the world what she's made of.

In her March 25th 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, Clifford said she received threats about going public about her 2006 relationship with Donald Trump. On Sunday, a Twitter troll suggested that porn stars couldn't be victims of assault. Oh look, another faceless profile who likes to spew vitriol. *Shocked face*

"I think you give up your #MeToo card when you are a porn star #stormy daniels"

Clifford wasted no time firing back a series of tweets, in which she explained that porn stars are people too and that they, like anyone else, can be victims of assault. Note: Clifford has never claimed that Trump abused or assaulted her in anyway.

"You are implying that women with certain jobs cannot be assaulted. This is a disgusting and terrifying thought process. For the record, I have stated numerous times that I am not claiming a "#metoocard" but I see you are definitely flying your asshat flag."


Support for Clifford poured from Twitter, because, yes, of course porn stars can be victims.

"Also, aren't you kind of being sex-negative by implying that someone's career choice makes them any less human @angela_chochi?"

Others fired back at the Twitter troll, who quickly dove into nonsensical ramblings about Trump and liberals being sore losers. I just... I don't know, I'm tired, but these guys summed it up pretty well. It's important to note that in her interview, Clifford specifically said she was NOT a victim, and did not want to be perceived as one.

"Being a porn star is a gig, like any other gig. Stormy's behavior on set is consensual, like any other moment that involves consent. Rape and sexual assault, abuse, or harassment, are NON-consensual behaviors. She has a right to consent, like any human, just like u!"

Clifford has offered some pretty glorious take-downs of Twitter trolls before. It's almost like she enjoys the haters.

When one user accused her of being a member of the First Baptist Church in Texas, Clifford called it "the most offensive lie I've ready about myself to date."

"Stormy Daniels isn't even that hot."

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone take her 15 minutes of fame and run with it for the endzone as @StormyDaniels has. This is a lady who knows how to score."

"Who'd sleep with that washed up dirty, sloppy looking Porn "Star"? @StormyDaniels Madam, if you really need money that badly, start a #GoFundMe page."