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Jon Stewart Perfectly Shames AZ Official To His Face For Awkward 2020 Election Claim

Jon Stewart can't believe AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich won't admit the 2020 election 'wasn't stolen.'

Jon Stewart; Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich
The Problem with Jon Stewart/YouTube

Political commentator Jon Stewart was widely praised after he challenged Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich for backing former Republican President Donald Trump's "Big Lie" the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

An unrepentant Brnovich attempted to justify his actions, saying there are “millions of people” in Arizona and across the country who “think” Trump won the election despite all evidence to the contrary proving Democratic President Joe Biden was the rightful winner.

He refused to admit Trump is "wrong" though that didn't stop Stewart from continuing to press him on such obvious lies.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Interview Excerpt with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich | The Problem With Jon

Brnovich tried to justify his support for the "Big Lie" because "millions" have been deceived by Trump's fictional election fraud but "believe" him anyway.

Stewart quickly shut this line of reasoning down.

“There’s people that believe in angels, but that doesn’t mean you launch an investigation that angels changed ballots."

Brnovich claimed he is simply waiting for “all of the facts and evidence” to come in.

While he admitted Trump did lose the 2020 election, he said he doesn't believe the loss was a fair one.

These statements prompted Stewart to shame him to his face:

“The fact is, the election in Arizona was well-run, not fraudulent, and not stolen from Donald Trump, according to even your investigation." ...
“Why is it so hard to just say yes to that?”
“Why can’t you say that the election in 2020 was not stolen or fraudulent?”
"This is blowing my mind."

Stewart was praised for challenging Brnovich, who was criticized for continuing to lie so boldly about the election process.

Stewart's interview with Brnovich was the second time this month he's made headlines for openly challenging the absurd and misinformed views of Republican state officials.

A couple of weeks ago, Stewart took Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge to task over an Arkansas law blocking children from receiving gender-affirming medical care.

Stewart pointed out the state of Arkansas has chosen to "override parents, physicians, psychiatrists, endocrinologists who have developed guidelines" and shut down Rutledge's attempts to justify her belief "we don’t need to allow children to take those medications.”

Brnovich, for his part, has long been a controversial figure.

Last year, he made headlines for pushing COVID-19 misinformation, erroneously claiming parents who threaten school boards over vaccine mandates and critical race theory will be sent to the country's military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Brnovich doubled down during an appearance on Fox News, insisting President Biden's administration officially labeled these people "domestic terrorists."