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Stephen King Just Brilliantly Described Twitter In One Succinct Tweet—And We'd Have To Agree

Photo by Ulf Andersen/Getty Images, @MissesBun/Twitter

Considering the sheer size of some of the tomes Stephen King has written over the years, one might assume a social media platform limited to only 280 characters (originally 140) wouldn't hold much allure—but they'd be wrong (DEAD wrong in Stephen King's case—HA!).

But joking aside, a quick perusal of King's tweets (especially the political jabs and tongue lashings) reveals he's not only the "Master of Horror" but also a master of brevity and succinctness.

And though King himself has at times been dismissive of the popular microblogging platform—last month at the 2018 PEN Literary Awards he referred to it as "the intellectual dead zone known as Twitter where clear thinking and kindness is too often replaced by schoolyard taunts. And not to mention, bad spelling and bad grammar,"—he now seems to have embraced it.

Recently, in one deft tweet, King summed up Twitter itself and why he likes it:

Twitterers were quick to elaborate on King's idea:

Some commenters added their own metaphorical interpretation of Twitter:

And there were also a few willing to pucker up to kiss the King ring:

These commenters didn't hesitate to put King's notion into practice:

But mostly people just appreciated King's take on it:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter