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Someone Found A 'Wildly Corroded' Can Of Spider-Man Pasta From 1995—And The Contents Have Not Aged Well


Remember when macaroni used to come in shapes?

Or the times when mac & cheese came in different colors?

The 90s were a wild time. How do we think those things have held up?

The answer is—poorly.

Twitter user Dinosaur Dracula found a can of Chef Boyardee Spider-Man pasta from 1995.

And step-by-step, he began to open it.

After getting through the rust, what he found could rival the Venom symbiote.

And which also took the shape of the can.

The congealed mass bore little resemblance to any sort of shapely pasta, but if you look closely, you can see a fossil.

This particular can of Spider-Man pasta is a year older than Tom Holland—the Marvel Cinematic Universe's current Peter Parker—who was born in 1996.

Our friend, Dinosaur Dracula, has also reportedly done this before with a 30-year-old can of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pasta.

And has inspired other people to find items in their pantry that have been there for far too long.

How have we let these things stick around in our houses for this long?

While we all have downtime, please, raid your pantries. Put the things dated pre-2020 out of their misery.

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