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People Explain Which Things Sounded Horrible But Were Actually Quite Pleasurable

You gotta try everything once.

People Explain Which Things Sounded Horrible But Were Actually Quite Pleasurable

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. We are often warned off by life that certain experiences may be too much, so we shy away and decide to just go with the status quo. But we're missing out and never seem to know it. Half of the time when we take a dive into the unknown we find ourselves pleasantly surprised. It's like tasting a new exotic fish. Just get past the scales.

Redditor u/Hedwigisbae wanted to know what we've all tried trepidatiously at first and learned.... this isn't too shabby... by asking.... What's something that sounds horrible, but is actually pleasurable once you try it?

sound proof and pitch black.....


Sensory deprivation tanks. You strip down and get in a tank of body-temperature salt water. The room is sound proof and pitch black. You just lie there for a bit and hallucinate. It sounds terrifying, especially for people with claustrophobia, but it's an incredible experience unlike anything I'd ever done before.

I highly suggest everyone try it. TechnicalDrift

Cold Comfort. 

Sacrificing comfort in exchange for change.

Its like getting out of the lukewarm bath before it gets cold. Sure you're comfortable now but if you give it up as a choice before it gets cold then you'll feel much better.

Edit - The city we live in has a lot of pollution and while its been nice , its just been getting worse so we will go to another place soon. Here's a video of us training to cycle from Hanoi to Europe Mixedstereotype

10/10 recommend.


This sounds disgusting... but definitely delivering your placenta after giving birth.

You'd think it would hurt just as bad, or that you'd feel relief from popping an 8lb human out of your now-very sore-genitals, but nope. No relief until the placenta just... slides out. And then it feels like someone's been standing on your chest for 9 months and you can finally breathe again. I felt light as a feather. Insta-satisfying.

10/10 recommend. The kid's alright too, I guess. _aworldaway


Going to the gym several times a week. meta_uprising

There are plenty of times I don't want to go to the gym, but I do it anyway. Because after I'm done, I've never regretted having gone. Outrageous_Claims


Skydiving. You do feel nervous the first time right before you jump out of the plane, but after that the rush is amazing and lasts for a couple hours. DeathSpiral321

"sounding horrible"


Public bathhouse in Japan (or Onsen). I don't think it qualifies as "sounding horrible" but I think a lot of people feel uncomfortable getting naked and bathing alongside strangers.

However, once you get over the initial jitters it's absolutely amazing. No one cares, no one is judging, everyone is just enjoying the amazing hot spring. Our most recent visit was the Heiwajima bathhouse and we spent almost the entire day there. It was like a glorious spa day. Yakarue


Eating vegetables.

I'm working on eating healthier and I'm still not eating salads but I'll eat veggies in a stir fry at least. ddave0822

Pretty much every vegetable does well roasted in an oven. You can season it to your preferences, or just use salt and let the vegetable shine, but either way a nice roast does them well.

I'm a big fan of roasted beets, broccoli, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes. Yum! -the_one-

With a Spoon...

I have a tub of "Grim Reaper Affliction" I have eaten a bit the size of a match head. Wow. 9 million scovels. Until then I don't think that any thing could be that hot. It seem to have reset my heat tolerance. Sauces in the 1-2 million range I can now eat by the spoonful.

It comes with a tiny spoon. We washed it under a hot water jet. The steam burnt our lungs. If those nuts are coated with something like that they could be interesting. AlienGiblet

Through the Schnoz...


Nasal Irrigation. I thought it would sting, turns out the right salinity levels make it extremely comfortable to drain your shnoz. I've seen some gnarly things come out my nose during a sinus infection. Woobowiz

No Wifi?!

A vacation where you basically have no Wifi or data access. After an initial withdrawal period, it's really amazing to feel present in the moment. bossyhosen

When my friends and I go camping we drive to an island on a river that is in the middle of nowhere. There is no wifi, no electricity, no running water and no other people. It's the most relaxing thing in the world. We try to do it a few weekends a year if not for a full week at a time. 02silverado53

Go Fast.

Going in a capsule-type waterslide. It's really tense in the line, when you know How It Works, and the noises are frightening. But once you go, you see it's a really cool feeling of going very fast in a tube. Red-helmet-soldier

I almost cried.


Having an abscess tooth extracted. Before the procedure, it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I went in to have it pulled and the dentist tried to explain to me that they could save the tooth blah blah blah, I was in so much pain I just said take it out please. They "numbed" me up but it didn't touch the pain I was in.

After a few minutes of them playing around in my mouth with a pick and pliers, I started to feel pressure on my jaw and the tooth popped out. The dentist was surprised and said, "yeah, I bet that feels better." He said a bunch of infection came out which is what he was vacuuming out. IMMEDIATE RELEIF. Like no pain at all. Relief to the point that I was in ecstasy. I almost cried. Tea-acH-Cee

"I want you to remember this moment."

My daughter accidentally scratched my eye pretty badly a few years ago, leaving a crescent-shaped cut in my cornea.

The ER doctor told me to "put some Visine on it", and it'd go away by morning. I spent the night in escalating/excruciating pain, and went to a proper eye guy first thing.

I was already freaking out about the pain, and definitely didn't want someone mucking about in there, but he convinced me to let him put in a bandage lens (like a contact lens, but thicker - and it holds the "flap" made by the cut down).

Right before he put it in, he stopped and said "I want you to remember this moment."

...And I will - because it was like a light switch turning off. First, blinding pain so bad I wanted to vomit, followed by absolutely nothing. No hurt. I had to wear an eye patch for a couple of days. That's it. bad_merkin

In the Tummy....

Throwing up when you have an upset stomach. It sucks before and during but after you feel so much better. Obviously sometimes that's not the case but I remember times when I ate something bad and was in bad stomach pain until I vomited and felt instant relief. destinoid

So Touchy.


Those scalp massager things that kind of look like alien torture devices. whiskey_mike186


My tens unit. Sending small electrical shocks through your muscles sounds like torture. But when you set it up right there is a twinge of pain and then it subsides, it's great. thesunscreen

Even better is acupressure mat. Aka a bed of nails. Ive fallen asleep on mine more than once due to how relaxing it is (fyi, try to avoid this, as being woken by little stabby pains when you roll over in you sleep is unfun).

But I also fall asleep in MRI machines so take that how you will. meggatronia

Ear Worx...

Having your ears cleaned out by someone else. yetanotherweebgirl

Yeah baby. When i was in high school i was waterskiing and took a hard fall that dislodged a giant earwax ball that clogged my ear. A nurse squirted some warm water in both my ears until all the wax came out. It seemed like i could hear leaves rustling from a mile away after that. Billsrealaccount

At the Cinema.


Going to the movie theater alone. ohhfasho

I've done this a few times and it's seriously the best. You don't have to share your popcorn and I'll usually go on my day off in the morning or early after and no one is there. You have the whole theater to yourself most of the time. cassie_cakes77

Be in the north......

Waking up early to have a coffee as the sun rises. Racing_in_the_street

Be in the north, sun rises at 10am in the winter. Profit. _PM_ME_ASIAN_CUTIES_

Ride On....

Riding your bike long distances. It won't be pleasurable until your condition your butt and build your baseline, but once you do a ride through the countryside at a leisurely pace is one of life's great pleasures, and will inevitably make you feel like a kid again. BornAgainCyclist