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Some Genius Set A Video Of A Guy Riding A Giant Sheet Of Ice Out Of A Pool To The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Theme

Crap Ghost/YouTube

Dealing with an outdoor pool can be difficult. It can be especially difficult when it dips below freezing. Sometimes, this means you have to dig a giant sheet of ice out of your pool.

However, as one man discovered, this also sometimes means ruining your above-ground pool. But it was all worth it for the epic moment he surfed a block of ice out into his yard.

It was made even better when someone decided to toss the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on top of it.

The word legend is thrown about too much nowadays - 2.0

People were here for it.

And he's not the only one who has had to deal with pool issues.

Suddenly, owning our own pool doesn't sound so enticing.