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Single People Who Sat Under Tables For 2021 New Year's TikTok Trend Share Love Life Updates

Videos of TikTokers showing off their new significant others have inspired others to try the trend this year.

Screenshots of TikTokers @lexxlalatina and @amyolivera8 participating in the "under the table" challenge
@lexxlalatina/TikTok, @amyolivera8/TikTok

People who found love at the stroke of midnight last New Year's Eve explained how a viral trend called the "Under the Table Challenge" brought them together.

Various TikTokers showed themselves in their respective videos participating in the challenge by positioning themselves under a table in 2021 and then showing off their significant others in 2022.

Hoping to inspire romance in 2023, TikToker @amyoliveros8 posted a video of how the challenge worked for her.

She wrote in the text overlay:

"Almost a year since I went under the table for new years."

The clip cut to her embracing her boyfriend to prove the effectiveness of the challenge.

The video–which gained over 4 million views–ended with her saying:

"and I met the love of my life."

She teased in the caption with:

"This is your sign everyone."

This is your sign everyone🥹 #foryoupage #hoilday #underthetable #unexpected #redunderwear

TikToker @lexxlalatina also posted a video accepting the challenge with a friend.

They both raised a shot glass to ring in the new year while crouching under a table.

She wrote in the caption:

"Never imagined finding the love of my life🥹❤️ 2023 is going to be full love love & accomplishments!"

The text overlay read:

"Got under the table at 11:59 on New Years eve last year."

Their low-to-the-ground toast was followed by a quick succession of photos of the women with their respective paramours.

According to San Antonio Express News, the "quirky" phenomenon stems from a Latin American tradition in which single people sit under a table for good luck in the hopes of finding love in the new year.

Taking a cue from all the success stories posted on TikTok, users planned to participate to increase their chances of changing their single status in 2023.






Lucky TikTokers shared their success stories.




But some users are still waiting to see the results of getting rug burns on their knees.




Eventually, the trend inspired new twists on the custom.

One example involves eating 12 grapes while sitting under a table.

Another requires wearing red under garments just before midnight at the end of the year.

TikToker @lolkarli chose the grape-eating variation and wrote:

"Last year, I ate my 12 grapes under the table."

She shared images of her relationship and added:

"Well, it worked. lol"

Happier than ever ❤️ 😭 #eatinggrapesunderthetable #newyears #relationship #grapes #love #couple #underthetable #12grapes #felizañonuevo

National Geographic noted the grape-eating tradition originated in Spain and that the number of grapes consumed represented:

"a wish for each of the months of the coming year."

Savoured JourneysandHuffington Post have mentioned that eating grapes under the table trend appeared to be a Peruvian tradition.



And as far as wearing red while engaging in the ritual, National Geographic said it was:

"believed to come from China and Vietnam, where wearing red or yellow underwear attracts good energy."

Babel, however, mentioned that wearing red lingerie was an Italian tradition, as:

"wearing red underwear guarantees luck and success for the year ahead."


Single people, if you're still finding your person and don't have any concrete plans as 2022 draws to a close, you may as well get your kneepads, fill those glasses of champagne, and manifest love in 2023.

What have you got to lose?