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Seth Rogen Got Stoned And Hilariously Live-Tweeted As He Watched 'Cats' For The First Time While Self-Isolating

Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Comedy Central, Universal Pictures

Seth Rogen has live-tweeted his first viewing of Cats while in self-isolation.

The Canadian-American actor, 37, updated his 8.3 million Twitter followers as he got "pretty stoned" and watched the big screen adaptation of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage musical.

In a stream of consciousness-style thread, the comic described the much-derided film as "truly trippy."

He said:

"I'm pretty stoned and watching Cats. I've never seen the broadway show. It is truly trippy."
"Am I supposed to know what a Jellicle is? They've said it 200,000 times but I don't know what's happening haha."
"Also the scale is bizarre. The behind the scenes features, which are amazing, said the set is 2.5 times scale but that would mean cats are like 60 pounds in real life!"

Let's just say Rogen was utterly confused the entire time.

Rogen joined celebrities including Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga in sharing their experience of self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As the film continued Rogen, best known for films including Superbad, Knocked Up and Pineapple Express, appeared to become increasingly confused.

"These cats are like 2 feet tall in this world. That's a huge f****** cat," he said.

His subsequent posts questioned why Sir Ian McKellen's character appeared to have human fingers, and noted that Judi Dench "looks the most cuddly."

Rogen signed off by saying:

"Alright I'm turning this off and watching 90 day fiance. Good night. Stay clean as f***."

Cats recently won six prizes at the 40th Golden Raspberry Awards, which “honor" the worst in film each year, including the award for worst picture.