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Video Of Marianne Williamson Praying For Everyone's Nether Regions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Is The Bizarre Energy We All Need Right Now

Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Things look bleak with the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world rising at an alarming rate.

Luckily former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is here to offer us her usual breath of bizarre fresh air in dark times.

A video surfaced via The Recount of Marianne Williamson offering a very odd prayer for the virus that involved the virus being "dissolved with healing":

Williamson then counts off a list of pubic areas that seem to need attention:

"Your cervix....your penis...your vagina...your buttocks..."

She then ends the video with a sly look to the camera and a decisive "wash your hands."

Williamson, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination for President for the United States 2020 General election, has a reputation of making strange and outlandish remarks, even on the debate stage.

Hopefully, this particular entry in the journal of Marianne Williamson's strange behavior will provide some levity as the chaos and panic sown by the Coronavirus in the United States grows.