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Sean Hannity Gets Slammed After Trump Campaign Uses His New Book To Raise Money

Sean Hannity Gets Slammed After Trump Campaign Uses His New Book To Raise Money
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's well known among the general public that most of Fox News will support President Trump no matter what he does.

But, normally, Fox News hosts at least try to pretend they're impartial.

Sean Hannity must have missed this memo, however, when he donated signed copies of his book for the Trump campaign to give away in exchange for donations.

Journalists from major media companies are usually not allowed to make political contributions of any kind.

Hannity came under fire for similar behavior several years ago when he appeared onstage alongside Trump at a campaign rally. At the time, Fox said it "does not condone any talent participating in campaign events."

Previously, in 2016, Fox News had promised an end to such behavior when Hannity appeared in a televised campaign ad for President Trump.

Despite Fox's repeated claims that Hannity's explicit support of President Trump will stop, he has faced no consequences for his violation of journalistic ethical practices.

Meanwhile, Hannity continues to give his "take" on the news every night.

Of course, the unethical (and potentially illegal) behavior goes in both directions. Lost in the outrage over Hannity is the fact that no President should be endorsing a private company.

At this point, it seems pretty clear Sean Hannity is a bit biased when it comes to President Trump.

Meanwhile, with the country in fear over the global pandemic, President Trump spends his time plugging books by his sycophants.

Journalists' first priority should be to report the truth, not support the people they politically agree with.