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Scandal-Ridden Scott Pruitt Is The Internet's New Favorite Meme After Resignation


Scott Pruitt has resigned as head of the EPA, which is cause for momentary celebration no matter who steps up to take his place. From the far future, history will look back at Pruitt as a man who, as Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, spent his time either rolling back environmental protections or grappling with innumerable ethical scandals. In the immediate present, however, the good men and women of Twitter are processing the way they know best: by memeing the heck out of Pruitt's overdue goodbye.

Twitter's meme-mixing was in top form!

Of course, what ultimately ended Pruitt's time in office wasn't his systematic dismembering of his own department—it was his blatant corruption.

It wouldn't be a Trump administration departure without an update to @darth's ever-expanding uber pool.

Pruitt's reputation as a half-rate conman is now cemented in history. Perhaps making his staffers pay for his top-notch hotel rooms with their money then refusing to pay them back was the final straw, but it seems that, by the end, the public had figured out his game.

Scott Pruitt = the king of grifters.

But, hey, at least Pruitt got to enjoy the finer things before he resigned in disgrace!

Now the questions becomes who will President Donald Trump be appointing to take over Pruitt's position?

There's a lot of good candidates out there.

Perhaps it's time the President got a candid talking-to the same way Pruitt did just before he left his job.

One can only hope...

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