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Samantha Bee Just Offered Up A Brutal Sex Ed Lesson To All The Male Politicians Who Voted For The Abortion Ban

Samantha Bee Just Offered Up A Brutal Sex Ed Lesson To All The Male Politicians Who Voted For The Abortion Ban
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee/YouTube

Bee schooled senators everywhere in a much-needed lesson.

In the wake of horrible abortion bills and the subsequent fear of the state of our country, it is well known that the senators opposing them are often wholly uneducated when it comes to the bills they are passing.

Both Alabama's near-total abortion bill and Georgia's abortion ban were passed by all-male Senates. And we know for a fact that none of them knows damn near anything about women's reproductive health.

That's where Samantha Bee comes in.

Sex Ed for Senators | May 15, 2019 Extended Act 1 | Full Frontal on

The late-night comedian offered up a Reproductive Health 101 for male politicians, during her May 15th taping.

Considering the fact that these senators probably couldn't even pass an eighth grade sex-ed class, Bee made it a point to bring to light what should be common sense in her educational spiel.

The lecture begins with a criticism of Rep. Terri Collins, who hopes to overturn Roe vs. Wade with the Alabama bill. According to Collins, a man and a woman are able to determine whether or not they have conceived immediately after having sex.

Bee pointed out how incredibly wrong this "fact" was, and from there continued to take down similar uneducated theories held by these senators.

One of such claims was by Ohio Rep. John Becker, stating that that the exception to the bill was to reimplant an ectopic pregnancy, a process which just plain doesn't work.

"Becker's ignorance is going to kill people," Bee says passionately. "Ectopic pregnancies are almost never viable, and they can't be treated via close-up magic.

Even Bernie Sanders is criticized, after claiming that miscarriages happen "very rarely" and that the debate is being made into a political issue when it shouldn't.

Bee shut this down immediately, reminding Sanders and other leftists that their uneducated statements can actually harm the left.

"You guys really, really need to get your facts straight, because when you don't, the right takes that ball and runs with it all the way to hell."

She quickly follows it up with yet another inane Trump claim, in which he states that once a baby is born, the mother and doctor make the choice of whether of not to "execute" it.

It's enough to make your blood boil. But, sadly, what else is new?

Samantha Bee's debunking of these claims was a huge hit, and Twitter was quick to show support.

Someone needed to school these "f*cking idiots," as Bee calls them in the beginning of her lesson.

It can all be summed up by a Tweet from the Bee herself.

Well said.