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People Break Down The Saddest Movie Endings Of All-Time

People Break Down The Saddest Movie Endings Of All-Time
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Few things can give you a better cry than a sad movie ending.

It's cathartic and horrible all at once.

I still weep at 'Ghost.'

That ending will always be relevant.

Also, there is something beautiful about crying as a group of strangers in the dark together.

Note: there are movie spoilers below.

Redditor Fl1p1 wanted to talk about the times movies left us in tears, so they asked:

"Which movie has the saddest ending of all time?"

I've shed so many tears in theaters. I can't keep track.

But I will say one word... "Titanic."

Knock Out

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"Million Dollar Baby."


"Damn, I was gonna say the same. I went in blind and that sad ending hit me like a truck. I wept so much alone in my room. The only movie to evoke such a strong emotion from me."


I Love Literature

"Of Mice and Men."


"Oof we had to read the book in high school, and we read THAT part aloud in class. Before we began, the teacher gave a tissue box to each row of desks, and all us teens were like 'that’s a bit dramatic isn’t it haha.'"

"Then while reading that scene, most of the class ended up either quietly crying or at least visibly sad. I love literature, i majored in English, and I know reading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; to see a novel move the ones that didn’t even enjoy literature to begin with was truly inspiring. I think seeing a novel move people so drastically is what really pushed me into creative writing."


So... Moving

"Where the red fern grows."


"I had a sociopath for a 6th grade English teacher that made the class take turns reading this book aloud. So cruel. Everyone was choked up."


"It was actually the VERY ending that got to me, where he's talking about wishing how he could go back and visit his old stomping grounds and maybe find a 2 bit axe with a rusty lantern hanging off of it. I grew up in the woods and seeing evidence of your old past self still preserved is so... moving."


I'm Tired Boss

"The Green Mile."


"I'm tired, boss. Tired of bein' on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we's coming from or going to, or why. Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other."


"Saw it in the movies. Everyone in the theater cried. Even when the credits started to roll and the lights went on, we all sat there for a couple minutes collecting ourselves. Hadn’t seen anything like that, before or since then."


Bye Jenny

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"Forrest Gump. I wouldn’t say it is the 'saddest' however the ending where they visit Jenny’s grave, gets me every time."


"The part where Bubba dies got me even more."


Forrest Gump always sets the tears flowing.

A Hard Hit

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"Big Fish... Fantastic movie. I generally don't do emotional with movies but damn this one hit hard. Probably topped my childhood tears of Optimus Prime being killed off in the Transformers movie when I was a kid."


Family Fun?

"My Girl."


"On Weekends my dad always looked into the tv magazine and chose a kids movie for us to watch. No warning for it, just 'lovely movie for the whole family.'"

"So me, overly empathic 7 year old watched it… and ended up crying for like 2 hours. My father ended up calling the magazine hotline to yell at them. Since then I spoil myself with endings. Unless I know it has a good ending I just can‘t watch movies."


Gut Wrenching

"Life is Beautiful."


"Gawd that movie is so hard to watch but is so amazing."


"I literally just saw a clip of this movie in a documentary of where he goofily goose steps around the corner in front of his son with a nazi behind him a couple of days ago and just burst into tears. That movie is gut wrenching."


"Also my answer. As a Jew who lost ancestors in the Holocaust, that movie had a physical impact on me."


Bad History

"Bridge to Terabithia."


"I knew nothing about the movie or book when I went in so it was a huge surprise to me and honestly it tore me to pieces when it played out."


"I read that book in school. Didn’t like it. Movie came out and my mom was like hey that was a school book we should go see it. I said nah no thanks I was a kid when I read it I’ll pass."

"She says fine takes my younger brother (4years younger than me so maybe 10 at this time) and two of my cousins (10 and 8) and my aunt."

"My mom came home so upset and I was just hangin' on the couch. She started yelling at me asking why I didn’t warn them and how come I let them go see that stupid movie. I got grounded for it."



"Schindler’s List."

"Though 1100 Jews were saved, Schindler broke down and mourned over not saving more. Instead of patting himself on the back about what he achieved, he came to understand the value of human life and wished he had done more."



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"The Whale recently. The reveal of the letter had me shattered."


The Whale was a lot. But beautiful. See it.

Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments.