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Roseanne Barr Now Claims Her 'Planet Of The Apes' Tweet Was Actually About Anti-semitism

Roseanne Barr Now Claims Her 'Planet Of The Apes' Tweet Was Actually About Anti-semitism
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Roseanne Barr is attempting to walk back her racist tweet about Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, in which Barr compared Jarrett to an ape. In a strange tweet storm on Wednesday, Barr claimed her reference to Planet of the Apes in the Jarrett tweet was about antisemitism.

Last month, Barr tweeted of Jarrett: "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby." Her show, Roseanne, was abruptly canceled by ABC.

Barr's initial justification for what most sentient beings would consider a racist tweet was she "developed a bit of palsy in my head and hands due to the stress," adding that she was finally able to sleep "without Ambien." Ambien has some side effects, however, racist behavior isn't considered to be one of them.

But on Wednesday, Barr again tried to save face. Barr took to Twitter, saying, "Rod Serling wrote Planet of The Apes," and that the 1968 film was "about anti-semitism." (Spoiler: It wasn't).

Barr said her "tweet referred to the anti-semitism of the Iran deal." She then channeled President Donald Trump, saying that "low IQ ppl can think whatever they want." Trump frequently calls people who criticize him "low IQ individuals."

She then thanked Fox News host Sean Hannity for having her back amidst the backlash caused by her tweet and cancellation of her show. Barr said that she was "broken," though she did not clarify what that might mean.

Twitter wasn't buying her anti-semitism argument.

"Even "Low IQ people" would know that equating an African American woman with an ape is racist," tweeted actor Jimmy Smagula.

One user called Barr's excuse "pathetic."

Another noticed that her language was eerily similar to Trump's, nothing that Barr's inability to "drop it" is not dissimilar to when Trump tweets "NO COLLUSION!!!!" to any mention of the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference.

Barr had originally announced she was leaving Twitter after her show was canceled, but ended up making a swift return, which didn't go unnoticed.

Man, this timeline, right?