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Razzie Awards Apologize And Rescind 'Worst Performance By Bruce Willis' Award After Backlash

Razzie Awards Apologize And Rescind 'Worst Performance By Bruce Willis' Award After Backlash
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Annual "worst of" the movies awards the Golden Raspberries, aka the Razzies, has rescinded its 2021 award given to actor Bruce Willis following his diagnosis with aphasia.

The tongue-in-cheek awards program that names the worst films and performances of the year had a snarkily named category called "Worst Performance by Bruce Willis" for 2021, which included all films the actor starred in last year.

But after the actor's diagnosis, the awards' organizers John J.B. Wilson and Maureen Murphy decided to rescind his Razzie, calling it "inappropriate" after having doubled down on the award at first.

Actor Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis' daughter with actor Demi Moore, announced his diagnosis last week in a heartfelt Instagram post, seen below.

In the post, Willis announced not only her father's diagnosis, but also his retirement from "the career that has meant so much to him" because of the condition's cognitive impact.

Aphasia affects speech, writing and comprehension in both written and verbal forms, and results in patients often struggling to express thoughts and to understand or find words. The condition can worsen over time.

In a since-deleted tweet, the Razzies' initially responded to Willis' diagnosis with an insensitive and snarky statement that sparked a wave of angry replies.

The tweet read:

"The Razzies are truly sorry for #BruceWillis diagnosed condition. Perhaps this explains why he wanted to go out with a bang in 2021. Our best wishes to Bruce and family."

Wilson and Murphy later issued a statement taking a more thoughtful approach. They wrote:

“After much thought and consideration, the Razzies have made the decision to rescind the Razzie Award given to Bruce Willis, due to his recently disclosed diagnosis.”
"If someone’s medical condition is a factor in their decision making and/or their performance, we acknowledge that it is not appropriate to give them a Razzie."

But it didn't do much to quell the backlash.

The Razzies also announced they have rescinded the award they gave to actor Shelley Duvall for her performance in the 1980 horror film The Shining, following years of backlash in light of the abusive work environment Duvall says she endured under director Stanley Kubrick.