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People Confess The Reasons They Rage Quit Their Jobs

I'm Out! Mic. Drop!

People Confess The Reasons They Rage Quit Their Jobs

Sometimes it's just time to go. Some jobs are the source of the devil. They can eat your soul and cause you strife you never knew was possible. You hold out as long as you can but when the moment of blind rage arises, well then TIME'S UP!! When you're out, you're out! Just try not to burn the building down upon exit!

Redditor u/ClassicDonut1 wanted to know when everyone had that last straw moment with leaving employment by asking.... Redditors who rage quit a job without thinking, what was the last straw?

The Torn.


So this happened 2 weeks ago, I was going out with some friends and I tore my ACL. Told my boss I couldn't come in for a while because of this ( I'm a chef so there's no way I can work with a torn ACL) however my boss failed to understand that and said that if I didn't come in the next day I would be let go, I quit on the spot. Jeremyvts


I was working at a restaurant that was, to put it bluntly, atrocious. The place was almost always dead apart from the owners friends who would make it their life's mission to be incredibly rude to myself and other staff members. Somehow I stuck it out for 6 months.

The final straw came at Christmas when I wanted to travel back home to spend time with my family (as my grandmother was sick at the time), and their response was 'you have to decide what's more important, your job or your family.'

I told them that was the dumbest question I've ever heard and walked out. Tommy_Furys_Sandwich



Worked an overnight job. During the holiday season me and the other overnight guys took all the overtime we could get - working 18-20 hour days, working after having 4 hours off, whatever. All legal in the state I'm in, and it's not critical or cerebral work so no harm - we're basically just lumps of flesh in a uniform.

That was fine for a few months - I bought a bunch of extra crap with it. But I got burned out after about four or five months straight of it and just started turning it down. Then the manager started making it mandatory. I told him no, we drive on our regular job so pushing it when we can't do it isn't a good idea. Appealed to his manager and the mandatory overtime went away for awhile.

Suddenly one day I come in to the other overnight guys being moved elsewhere and I have to pick up their slack. Why? That shift needs to be covered, so I'll cover their shift and mine... which will force me to work 4 to 5 hours over to just cover the shift and the work required on said shift. I texted the manager immediately and told them I can't do it. He stated it's mandatory and if I cannot do it, I'll no longer have the job. He'd do me a "favor" this one time and move the other overnight guys back so I don't have to stay over.

They were legitimately shocked when I didn't show up the next night, or ever again. CanIgetkalamari

"getting around to the paperwork"

There were a couple things building up to the last straw, mainly I was the supervisor of my crew but the boss was "getting around to the paperwork" that would confirm my title change and pay raise for 3 months, also I was supposed to get full medical benefits but the day I quit the benefits were "in the mail so just wait" for 7 months.

The last straw was when the company had approaching deadlines and the scumbag management staff was getting desperate, they kept cutting out everyone's breaks and harassing people out of filing first aid reports. Someone on my crew was starting to get heat rash (working in summer in the middle of a heat wave) but the boss was standing in the shade glaring us down so we wouldn't take breaks.

After my coworker collapsed I stopped everything and ran to her side to help. The boss came up and said "oh crap heat stroke? Take 5 minutes, get water, get back to work" so I exploded and told them to go screw themselves and they're as bad as a manager as they are a person and they can't treat people like that. I helped my coworker gather her things and I gathered mine and I drove her to the hospital and I never went back.

I immediately filed a safety breach report with WorkSafeBC telling them of every safety rule they broke. And since then I heard that 2 others quit, the company is under investigation, and another co-worker asked me to support him in filing a discrimination lawsuit against the company (the same crappy boss was very racist towards natives). iht133

"confirmation #"

Inbound cold transfer sales job, you get utility customers from across the USA randomly transferred to get a "confirmation #" but mostly to upsell for cable services. Hated it, would always get pressured to sign-up caller for Dish Network even though no one ever wanted it.

One day my supervisor, sits next to me listens to every call I'm doing questioning why I didn't sell a 80 year old woman AT&T U-verse triple play when she said I don't own a computer and I just use an antenna. He freaks out and says you need to get your crap together now. I give him a blank stare continue to take calls for the rest of the day and ignore everything he's saying. He is storming around I get 0 sells. I grabbed my phone charger and on lunch never come back. bsknash26



I used to work as a lifeguard. I had injured my shoulder and was in a sling, and they forced me to come into work and threatened to fire me If I didn't. I had to guard a pool being unable to swim because MY ARM WAS IN A SLING. Did the pettiest thing possible, sent in my resignation late at night, the day before my morning shift. Have fun finding a replacement! chickadee35


I worked as one of those Super annoying face-to-face fundraiser people. You know, those who will stand in your way and use every trick in the book to shame you into sending them money every month so they can continue their "scam."

Well... I did the one day training, was send out in the morning and quit after 2 hours. People hate you (for good reason) and treat you accordingly. I found out soon after how the money is really spent for the most part and have been Super against this specific type of fundraiser, especially since they ruin the face of actual fundraising. So now I just ignore them as good as possible and warn my friends not to work for them. AnnaLavender

Do the Dishes. 

I worked at a small, family-owned restaurant for over a year. All I did was wash dishes. The owner hated me and always made my shift miserable because her creepy husband loved being around me and talking to me and she accused me of hooking up with him more than once. My last straw was her calling me a filthy woman in front of not just my coworkers, but also some customers. definitelynotandrea

The Water Broke.


My wife was about to give birth, and i took the job as a temp thing, was only there for 3 weeks (id just moved to the city). worked there while i continued to look for an office job in engineering. The super i called to let know my wife was having contractions and her water broke told me to get to work and that the baby wouldn't be born till later anyways, I said no, I'm driving my wife to the hospital now, and he told me to get the hell to work, I simply said "i quit", and hung up on him. 10 days later i found a job, and have been employed here for 4 years now. darko2309

Paid Holidays. 

Was working my 2nd job as a welder booked 2 weeks holiday paid for a trip to Canada to see the now wife's family. The day before we are set to leave my manager tells me he's going to have to cancel it as he's booked 3 people off on the same weeks. I explained I'd paid out thousands on a holiday, he then said I booked mine last so I'd have to loose it. I spoke with everyone on site yet no one else had holiday booked.

I went to hr and he was called in to explain, he came out with the same crap hr backed him up. I said OK got up and walked off site. 45 phone call missed by the time I'd driven home, 1 voice mail demanding I get my butt back in or I'm fired. I called the owner and explained I'd quit and my reason. Turned my phone off and went in holiday.

Aftermath. I returned from the holiday to nearly 50 voicemails from manager.. Telling me Im in deep crap, and should watch my back when in public. Sent them all to a solicitor and police incase anything happened, along with sending former boss everything. He was dismissed and I was offered his job as I'd been there longer than most of the team. Didn't accept as wanted to become self employed and it was the push I needed.


Don't Take his butt to Red Lobster....

Worked at a Red Lobster for a few years in college. Didn't really have any complaints, it was what it was. Right after graduating I moved to another town and was able to transfer to one near my new location.

Worst experience of my life. Horrible management, and the location was in a relatively upscale part of town, so there were MUCH better alternatives for seafood so the customers were always crappy as well.

We were required to be in 15 minutes prior to the start of our shift for a pre-shift meeting and change over and stuff. Thing is, you couldn't clock in until 5 minutes before your scheduled start time. Like every other crappy company Darden (The owner of Red Lobster, also a VERY crappy company), wanted to run skeleton crews to save money so we were always scrambling.

So often I would come in and I would already have seated tables (plural) waiting for me. The host managers mentality was "well they need to be here 15 minutes early anyway so if they can seat them 15 minutes early. Nothing seemed to ever clarify why this was wrong on many levels.

Well one day I came in and already had a seated table. Went over and greeted them immediately (They were upset but understanding) and then went to the bar to ask them to make some drinks (I couldn't enter them in the system since I couldn't clock in yet). While I was waiting for the drinks I was venting to a fellow server about it and mentioned "If they seat me again before I can even clock in I'm done." Well before I could even finish the sentence they had seated me again.

I told the server I was talking to it was nice to have worked with them, made sure to let BOTH tables know they were seated in a section that didn't even have a server yet because the company didn't want to pay for a full staff and that they should dine at restaurants that care about them having a good experience, and walked out. No regrets and I'll never give Darden a dime of my money ever again.


No Regrets.


I worked as a tour guide at a birthing center for a couple of weeks when I first started grad school. My Dad was terminally ill at the time and I let my manager know that as soon as I was hired as I was anticipating a funeral. He passed away at 2am and I contacted my manager to let them know and to say that I wouldn't be working for the next week or so.

She texted me back saying "so sorry for your loss, but I really need you to be at work today." I texted her back saying I wouldn't be there and that I was quitting as I didn't want to work for a company that would make someone work on the same day their parent died. No regrets.


Cover This....

I worked at a gas station deli and right before I went in for my shift my mom called me to tell me my sister had been rushed to the hospital and that I needed to go there to be with the family. I called my manager and they said to find someone to cover your shift. I called a few people and one person said they would come in and cover my shift.

I called manager back and let them know that so and so was covering my shift and they said ok. I came in 2 days later for my next shift and the manager starts flipping out on me how they were messed up because I didn't show up for my shift. I proceeded to remind them that I had to go to the hospital for my sister and that so and so was covering my shift. She then proceeds to tell me how so and so didn't show up therefore it was my fault and that I cost them money and all this bull.

I was like "Are you kidding me? I'm sorry you were too meth'd out to remember our call but I had a family emergency so forget you and forget this place!" I walked out the door and proceeded to "forget them" one more time.


The Blizzard...

When I first moved to NYC I got a bar tending job at a pub in Williamsburg. The manager was always MIA and the staff was usually left to there own devices. One weekend a huge blizzard hit the city. I had made it into work when the city declared a state of emergency and started shutting down the trains. I called my manager to tell them the trains where shutting down and the staff wanted to leave and catch the last trains home before it was too late. He said no and to stay.

At this point the snow was getting deep enough to make opening the front door difficult. I texted my manager that we where leaving and we packed up and closed the store. The next morning the manager texted to say that we where opening for brunch despite all the trains being shut down. I told him I couldn't make it in so he said he would come pick me up in his car and asked for my address. I gave him a fake address, turned off my phone, went back to bed and found a new job later that week.


Not so Feel Good....


I got a job re-locating large fully grown trees. The shop workers were talking this company up while I was doing my orientation saying this place was a "feel good" career.

First week, we tore down an old house on our tree farms land, all of the drywall - which is technically toxic because of how old it was, was supposed to be removed for a fee by the dump. They dug a ditch on a customers house and buried in on their land when they weren't home.

I then was asked to change crews (there were only 2 - and the one I moved to had a very high turnover rate). Todd was the boss of this crew, Todd was a mess. He was a 35ish year old man with a 18 year old girlfriend, he bragged about how he banged her at her family camping trip with her parents in the next tent. About how he cheated on her, etc. He also loved calling everyone names. On my first day with him he called me a loser because I had a RHCP sticker on my car.

I had literally zero experience in that field, was hired as a laborer and was made to drive an excavator. Never used one before, got the hang of it pretty okay after a day or two. I was trying to get it in between two houses that were pretty close together, taking my time. He yelled at me to, "hurry your dumb butt up," I got out of the excavator, threw the key in the middle of the ditch and got in my car and left.


"really expensive ham"

Worked in an independent cafe as the lone chef. Hours were good, free reign with the menu was great and the quality of produce that came in was second to none. Unfortunately the owner had misplaced aspirations towards being a chef and instead of hiring help, ran the kitchen himself on my day off. After repeated conversations about food safety and his apparent lack of care for customers well-being, I came in after my day off to find a single breast of chicken cling-filmed (serran wrapped?) together with ready to eat ham (really expensive ham). I told him this wasn't safe and if he continued to violate food safety, I'd walk. He told me to serve the ham.


At the Movies.....

I was 18 and working at a movie theatre concession stand on an extra busy day. My coworkers made themselves busy doing things that didn't need to be done like checking toilet paper or organizing candy instead of helping me with a line that wrapped itself around the stand. One lady got extremely nasty with me because I didn't butter the middle of her popcorn, she was literally screaming at me for it.

I looked and saw one of my coworkers just watching me and laughing as they pretended to clean the ticket booth window. I logged out of the POS, walked out of the concession stand, slammed the door behind me, told the customer she was being a complete nutjob and didn't need more butter, told my coworker to go screw himself and walked out.

I never went back despite them willing to apparently forgive me because this wasn't my usual behavior.


Merry Christmas...


I was looking for a part time job in between some seasonal work I was doing. Saw 7-Eleven advertising hiring for graveyard shift for an extra $1.50/hour, figured that would be a tolerable gig. Got hired on, was sent to a different location than the one I applied at and my schedule was all over the place. There were days I'd work a graveyard, go home for six hours, and then come back for another shift. They were paying minimum wage, I didn't get the extra shift premium.

Then the new schedule came out and I popped in to see it, and I saw they'd scheduled me to work alone on Christmas Day. Policy was minimum two people, and doubly so for new employees until their probation was up after three months, and it was only my third week. I didn't even talk to a supervisor, just left my 7-Eleven shirt at the counter and left. No regrets.


Which is the "1"?

Boss asked me to think outside the box regarding a project that was so outside the box already that it wasn't even legal in 49 states.