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Fed Up Worker Just Walks Away After Teens Set Off Fireworks Display Inside Grocery Store


A Minnesota Hy-Vee worker was caught on video doing what most of us who have worked in retail have probably thoroughly fantasized about doing at one point, and simply walked away from a situation he did not get paid enough to deal with.

The retail worker is shown on video coming upon flames caused by a fireworks display lit inside of the store.

With flames raging around him, he hardly even reacts as he simply turns around and walks away.

Twitter recognized something in the aloof defiance of the young man in the video: likely that he was not being paid nearly enough money to go and address an ongoing fire in the store.

Minimum wage in Minnesota remains at $11 an hour until July 1st, barely enough for Minnesotans to scrape by.

The culprits responsible for lighting the fireworks display were caught and taken into custody by the Eagan, MN police dept. Officials say they arrested three minor boys for the incident, ages 14, 15 and 16 years old; while the Dakota County District Attorney's office considered charges.

The store quickly filled with smoke, causing it to close for the day on Monday.

The look on the man's face in the video is one any retail worker, restaurant worker, or customer service worker truly recognizes: the face of complete and utter disbelief mixed with "how on earth do I continue to work at this place?"

And that man is a hero to us all. May we all walk away from stuff above our pay grade.