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Old Photo Of Queen Elizabeth Caught In The Wind Resurfaces As A Royally Hilarious Meme 😂

John Stillwell/Getty Images

As the head of the British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth II has been an icon of classic English nobility for almost 67 years, but when a rare candid image resurfaced, Redditors couldn't resist showing us the Queen like we've never seen her before.

Back in 2011, Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to her grandson William when he was stationed at the RAF base on Anglesey island in Wales.

Unfortunately for the Queen, wind conditions were pretty rough on the tarmac and the monarch strained to keep her composure while fighting 50 mph gusts.

The image of the ruffled Queen was a rare candid moment and Reddit users jumped at the chance to remix the picture when user heartofspooks posted it to the PhotoShopBattles subredddit. The digital wizardry that followed turned an interesting challenge into a can't miss thread.

While most of us might think of the Queen as a prim and proper little old lady you don't become the longest-reigning female monarch in world history without being a bit of a bad-ass.

Despite what you might think it's not all tea parties and state dinners for the Queen. During her down time she apparently likes to go a bit wild.

And when it's time to relax she likes to kick back and watch a good movie.

The Queen probably has better things to do than look at Photoshopped images of herself, but just in case she ever comes across them let's hope she has a sense of humor.

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