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QAnon Rep. Spouts Conspiracy About Dems Trying To 'Silence' Her After Brief Twitter Suspension

QAnon Rep. Spouts Conspiracy About Dems Trying To 'Silence' Her After Brief Twitter Suspension
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

For a political party that constantly calls their opponents crybaby "snowflakes," Republicans sure do seem to be easily upset.

Case in point, Republican Representative and QAnon devotee Marjorie Taylor Greene, who had a meltdown after being suspended from Twitter for mere hours in the middle of the night in what turned out to be a technical error.

According to Greene, her 12-hour shunning was a plot by the Democratic Party to "silence" her.

Greene's suspension happened at around 1:00AM Friday. In a statement to Newsweek later that morning, Greene's press secretary claimed it was a conspiracy affiliated with an effort in the House of Representatives to have Greene expelled from Congress.

The statement read:

"On the day Democrats in Congress are moving to expel Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Twitter has banned her personal account of 380,000 followers without explanation."

"At around 1:00AM, in the dark of night, Twitter chose to silence a sitting member of Congress facing an unprecedented political attack by House Democrats."

Greene is facing an effort towards expulsion, led by California Democratic Representative Jimmy Gomez, because of her past social media comments advocating violence against and execution of Democratic politicians, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Given Twitter is a private company and not an arm of any political party or the government, however, it's unclear on what basis Greene's office thought her suspension was related to her expulsion.

In any case, it seems the suspension was simply a mistake on Twitter's part. In a statement to Axios, Twitter said that the suspension was the result of a technical error in one of its automated systems, and that the suspension had been "reversed.

Whatever the reason, Greene's suspension wasn't exactly met with disappointment on the part of her fellow tweeters.

At least it was fun while it lasted.

Twitter previously suspended Greene in January for tweets calling on far-right conservatives to "mobilize" against Joe Biden seemed to be attempting to foment action against Democratic President Joe Biden and accusing Democrats of plotting to install "Communist Chinese-style" policies.