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We Can't Get Over This Precious Dog Whose Nightly Ritual Includes Picking A Special Thing To Bring To Bed With Him

There is no shortage of good doggos on the internet, but Bentley the goldendoodle is definitely up there with the cutest.

Bentley's human recently decided to share his cuteness with folks on Reddit; he was an immediate star!

Bentley can't seem to go to bed without bringing one of his favorite toys with him. This is often his blanket, but sometimes he's in the mood for a different sleep buddy.

One person on Reddit noted his preference for his blankie.

"Awww... he loves his blankie the most"
"We rubbed it on his mom when we picked him up from the breeder

You can see Bentley's antics below:

My dog brings something to bed with him every night

Everyone loved Bentley.

"the goodest of boys"
"0:15 Classic top-of-staircase 'are you coming to bed?' stare"
"I have a full 15 second clip of that, so srs"

Some users shared a similar story of their furry housemate:

"Similarly my dog greets me when I come home from work by standing by the door, wagging her tail, with something in her mouth. Usually it's a toy, but sometimes it's a sock or decorative pillow."
"Yup, same! He always brings a toy to greet us and as shown on a previous video we posted... he also brings something to pee with him."

Another toy-obsessed dog has been in the news recently: Stanley the Collie.

Stanley has a bit of an obsession with tennis balls, and that obsession has garnered attention from lots of folks on Instagram.

Stanley stole the spotlight, and the microphone windscreen, in a recent interview with Network 10 - Perth's Beau Pearson.

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