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George Santos; Richard Osthoff with his dog Sapphire

George Santos Now Accused Of Scamming Disabled Vet Out Of $3k For His Dying Service Dog

U.S. Navy vet Richard Osthoff says the GOP Rep. started a GoFundMe to help his service dog get surgery, and then disappeared with the donations.

Golden Retriever; taxidermy pelt from Golden Retriever

Family Sparks Heated Debate After Having Their Dead Dog Turned Into An Ornamental Rug

Chimera Taxidermy, based in Melbourne, Australia, preserved the grieving family's golden retriever as a pelt.

TikTok screenshots of Bob Ierian (@knothead9620) during his video

Pastor Unloads On U.S. Christians Who Constantly Claim They're 'Oppressed': 'Stop The Whining!'

The self-described 'Feral Lutheran Pastor' has no time for American Christians who claim they're being persecuted.

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