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Photographer's Collaboration With 16 Artists to #DrawThisInYourStyle Produces Beautiful Visual Harmony


Experimental photographer and YouTuber Mathieu Stern happened across #DrawThisInYourStyle on Instagram and was intrigued by the collaborations.

He decided to approach an illustrator to see if they would be interested in drawing one of his photographs, and enjoyed the result so much that he collaborated with another 15 artists to create a video showing their processes.

Stern wrote about his experience with #DrawThisInYourStyle for Bored Panda.

He said that he was curious about how to collaborate within the confines of #DrawThisInYourStyle, as he is a photographer and not an illustrator.

When he decided to approach one of his favorite illustrators on Instagram to see if they were interested in redrawing one of his photos, he found the answer.

After seeing the result of that first collaboration, Stern thought:

"the result she sent me was so amazing that I started to contact every illustrator I liked on Instagram."

This led to finding 15 more artists to collaborate with and an amazing video of their creative processes.

You can view that final amazing video below:

16 Artists draw Portrait Photos in their Own Style #DrawThisInYourStyle

Stern also shared the individual artworks to Instagram, hilighting the artists' work and social media.

The illustrators' styles varies d widely, as did the photos they chose to use as a source.

If you enjoyed Stern's collaborations, many more amazing works of art can be found on Instagram under #DrawThisInYourStyle!

Artists create amazing work on their own, but collaboration between two or more creative minds can bring out the best in people.

If you enjoy seeing art like this available freely online for everyone to enjoy, the best ways you can support your favorite artists is by buying their artwork, liking and following their social media and always giving credit to the artist when sharing artwork online.

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