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People Share Their Most Frustrating Double Standards

People Share Their Most Frustrating Double Standards

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Double standards are the worst thing in the entire universe. They make it so that nobody wins except the person being inconvenienced in the moment. They're selfish and often cruel. And, quite honestly annoying. Besides, people use them as power plays, which makes no sense.

u/coralvelvet asked Reddit:

What's a double standard that pisses you off?

Here were some of the answers.

My Walking Problems


My own double standard when it comes to pedestrians.

Me walking: watch it you dumbass driver, I'm f-cking walking here!

Me on my bike/in the car: GTF out of my way you slow a** bipedal bastard!

I'm trying to train myself not to think like that anymore and be more sympathetic. Double standards aren't fun, even when they're your own.


Please Help Me I'm Sick

I work in manufacturing. My supervisor- I'mma take the next week off because my old college roommate is going to be in town for an hour. Also I won't be using my vacation days.

Me- I have thrown up twice today. I am going to need you to call one of the other guys to cover for me today, I won't be able to come in.

Supervisor- I'll need a doctor's note and a receipt saying you were at the doctor, also I took the liberty of putting in a vacation day for you, fight me about me misusing your time.

People in retail and fast food complain about bosses like this, but they pale in comparison to manufacturing bosses. I called in twice in one year due to sickness, my super had the audacity to tell me that if I call in a third time before the fiscal year is up, he will write me up. I have since started telling the plant manager and HR for days I need off for doctor's appointment and days that I am sick, had no problem since I started doing that.


Whose Show Is It Anyway?

I was told that I was uncaring and selfish for sitting in my room instead of coming downstairs being "social" by watching tv-shows I don't like, that no one is paying attention to because they are too busy with their phones.

And I can't change channels because my shows are "not for everyone".


This Is Basically Republicans Summed Up

Older people who preach about perspective yet get offended over minor things. They're allowed to get angry, upset, and have all sorts of normal human emotions yet when someone under 30 dares be a human being and complain sometimes they go off on one about 'perspective'.


Sexuality Is Not For Assumptions


Bi girl: Hot, edgy, desired, progressive, confident in herself

Bi guy: Just not ready to admit he's gay


Just Listen To Me

"Because I want them" is a good enough reason to have kids, but "because I don't want them" isn't a good enough reason to not have them.

On that same note, when a man says he doesn't want kids, people will tell him how smart he is for making that choice. When a woman says she doesn't want kids, people ask what's wrong with her and tell her she's immature and isn't a real woman and can't ever know real love unless she reproduces.


It's Almost Like....Gender Is A Construct....

Some fathers are overprotective of their daughters and repeatedly say, even as soon as they are a day old, that they can't date boys until they're 30, yadda yadda. Soon as they have a son though they talk about how many girlfriends their kid is going to have. Annoys me to no end.


War Vs. Beer

In America you're old enough to grab a gun and go to war at 18. But it'll be three more years before you're old enough to buy a beer.


Ain't No Nerd


Most average people are allowed to nerd out. The problem is how a negative stereotype has got out due to the fact that a lot of people nerding out are putting no effort into themselves. The fact that they're nerds has nothing to do with it, it's the fact that they ignore basic hygiene.

I'm very much a nerd. I've played video games since I was 2, I love board games, my ideal night in is to sit and play PC games for 12 hours. I'd love to get into D&D, I like stereotypical nerdy movies (although those are more fashionable nowadays), I play World of Warcraft, I love spreadsheets, maths, physics, etc.

Thing is, I also shower twice a day, cycle to work, go to the gym (sparsely), get regular haircuts and wear clothes that suit me. The fact that i'm a "nerd" has nothing to do with any of this, I'd do all this no matter my hobbies.

But when you have a vocal amount of "nerds" who are in fact just slobs, that makes it look like being a nerd is a bad thing. No, being a slob is a bad thing, ignoring basic hygiene is a bad thing, etc. None of those things are associated to being a nerd.


Gay Discrimination Doesn't Exist Though, Right?

It's minor, but at the pool in my apartment complex both my husband and I have show IDs to prove that we're residents; if either of us forgets it, we get turned away. Of course, when straight couples show up and only one of them has their ID, they're told it's okay since they're "a family."


I Just Want A Job

Anything in life that earns you experience, yet requires said experience to get.

For example, most jobs. They want you to have related experience to get the job, but the only way to get the experience is to get such a job.


The Patriarchy Hurts Us All

Women are being encouraged to be empowered, independent, and more aggressive. They are also allowed to have feelings. Women's rights and roles are moving forward. Yes, finally. You go ladies I'm behind you 100%.

Men are still not really allowed to have feelings or have problems. We're expected to, in general, handle it. If we do need help, we're pathetic, or gay (which being gay has nothing to do with anything and I don't understand why that's an insult), or suddenly a burden. We can't even just share without expecting help.

When you talk to people, they are on board with sensitive men. In my experience, it's not always backed up in practice.


Just Don't Be Offensive?

This person said a thing that offended someone and I don't like the person so he should be punished for it.

This person said a thing that offended someone but I like the person so the thing he should not be punished for it.

Doesn't matter what is said, the thing might even be the same thing but with a different target, what seems to matter to most is what side of the divide on "political hot topic of the month" said person is on.


Consider It Disturbed

My dog can walk around the neighborhood without clothes on but when i do it i'm "disturbing the peace."




Treatment of rats vs squirrels, it's amazing how much a fluffy tail can get you!


Netflix and Chill TF Out

Playing video games for a whole day = OMG you loser

Binge-watching same period of time = Catching up on my fav show!!!

If you want to learn more about double standards try He's a Stud, She's a Slut and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know by Jessica Valenti.