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People Are Totally Confusing Their Significant Others With This Viral Hand Gesture

People Are Totally Confusing Their Significant Others With This Viral Hand Gesture
@BavanahSoyle, @irianacorona_/Twitter

Take your eye off the internet for even a minute these days, and you might miss the latest viral craze.

And while it's usually fun to share a new meme with someone , this time it's been far more hilarious confusing everyone who was out of the loop.

By some counts, the English language has over 170,000 words in it, so as far as words go it looks like we have got the bases pretty well covered.

Even with all those words at our disposal though people still love to find other ways to communicate -- in this case, hand gestures.

Whether it's a thumbs up from your friend, a friendly wave from your neighbor or an angry middle finger from a drunk guy on the subway sometimes hand gestures can communicate more than words ever could.

Than again, if you're not familiar with the particular hand gesture in question things can get a little confusing, and very funny.

All across Twitter people have been clawing at their significant others like ornery lobsters and the reactions have ranged from mild apathy to utter confusion.

And if you're not in the loop you might also be asking yourself "what in the actual hell is going on?" So let's clear that up.

The viral craze all began with this 15-second clip.

The short compilation from a young couple shows an excited girlfriend running across a number of different rooms to place her chin in her boyfriend's hand after he makes the gesture.

The clip itself has caused a number of different reactions.

While some are labeling it "relationship goals" others aren't so sure about it.

After all it can be kind of hard to it "cute" when you're summoning your significant other like a dog.

Seeing people who had no idea what was going on trying to figure it out made it all worth it though.

And Twitter couldn't get enough of the perplexed reactions.

But you might want to think twice about trying it out for yourself. Your mileage may vary.

Though a few of the successful attempts were undeniably adorable.

But nothing could the purest reaction ever.