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People Are Showing Off Old Photos Of Their Grandparents Looking Fierce AF—And We're Obsessed 🔥

It can be easy to forget what the generations before us looked like in their youth, so when an author encouraged people to share pictures of their grandparents from the past, the results were stunning.

Isaac Fitzgerald was the man who kick-started the entertaining Twitter thread, posting this image of his grandfather somewhat out of the blue:

Fitzgerald followed his tweet up with an invitation to others to share their own pictures, and as it turned out they did not need asking twice:

Fitzgerald wasn't the only one with vintage photos on the brain:

Twitter user @havenalba shared the following image of her grandmother with her band:

Many simply shared an image with no caption, such as this one from @nickwray:

This image from @alexanderchee received over 1,000 likes – can you see what's unusual about her scarf?

And how about this Hollywood-style image from television host @alwaysalejandra:

Twitter user @seraphicpetal shared this image of her young grandparents looking very relaxed:

Needless to say, the looks were bangin':

Some posts were accompanied with tales which hinted at the era:

Meanwhile, others told stories that remain relevant to this day:

War photos were also popular shares:

As were wedding photos:

And while the past seems like a foreign country in many of the photos shared, a dog never fails to enhance a photo:

Some things never change.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.

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