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People Are Demanding Answers After Little Old Lady Eating Her Lunch Was Kicked Out By McDonald's Employees

Facebook: Josh Nunez; Twitter: @Dienamik

A viral video has been making the rounds showing an old woman being kicked out of a McDonald's while she was eating her lunch.

But the story of what happened differs greatly based on who you ask.

The video was shared on Facebook by Josh Nunez. It is from a McDonald's franchise in Lexington, Kentucky.

An employee walks over and asks the woman to leave, offering her the corporate complaint phone number if she's upset. He later threatens her with calling the cops to remove her.

Watch the interaction in the video below.

Nunez says the woman was told she had thirty minutes to leave.

The video sparked outrage, with many questioning what happened.

Why was she asked to leave when she seemed to be minding her own business in the video?

But the unnamed franchise owner reviewed the situation and released a statement, siding with his employees. The statement read:

"All customers are welcome in our restaurants, and our organization is committed to the well-being and fair treatment of all people."
"In this instance, the guest had been inciting customer complaints for multiple hours; therefore, the customer was asked to leave."
"We have reviewed the situation, and have concluded our employees made the appropriate decision."
"Our organization prioritizes the safety of all our customers and we are committed to the community we serve."

According to local news station NBC LEX18, the owner said the woman had been banned from another franchise location they own for "verbally and physically assaulting members of the staff."

They added that in this instance, the woman had "been there for around two and half hours. In that time she reportedly slept in the lobby and soiled her clothing. They added that although she did buy food, customers were complaining that she was loud, obnoxious, and bothering them."

This only further incensed the debate.

Nunez disputes this claim, however, saying the smell that caused the complaints was coming from the bathroom, and the woman was minding her own business. Additionally, he was there for over an hour and never received any thirty minute warning.

"She was not bothering anybody or harming anybody. She smiled at everybody that walked past her."

It is unknown at this time which side in this matter is in the right, but until more facts can come out, the debate rages on.; Jack Thurman, Bernadette Roberts, Rhonda England

McDonald's made headlines recently for kicking out customers. In a Minneapolis location of the restaurant earlier this month, the manager kicked out a group of teenagers who had just been threatened by a man with a gun.

H/T: Yahoo, LEX 18,


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