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Dem. State Lawmaker Claps Back After His Mic Is Cut For Calling Out '100% White' GOP

Dem. State Lawmaker Claps Back After His Mic Is Cut For Calling Out '100% White' GOP

A Democratic lawmaker in Pennsylvania managed to infuriate the state's entire Republican party when he called out the GOP legislators for being "100% White" and the chamber for being "70% Male."

The truth-telling lawmaker, Representative Brian Sims, even had his mic cut off and comments stricken from the record, Business Insider reported.

The heated exchange came as Pennsylvania lawmakers were debating a Republican proposal to force women to bury or cremate remains of miscarried fetuses.

Several Democratic women came forward to testify against the bill, which the Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vowed to veto if it ever came across his desk.

Sims, joining that chorus of critical testimony, didn't mince words when he took the podium.

You can see his remarks in this video:

After calling the bill nothing but a "distraction," Sims let the GOP have it.

"But this feels normal for far too many of us. This is just another act in a political theater that has plagued this chamber for far too long."
"We are a legislature that has met more to remove mask mandates, strip executive emergency powers, and overturn free and fair elections than we have to make strategic investments in Pennsylvania's women, children and families."

Sims closed with a few harsh truths.

"Lastly, Mr Speaker, it is not lost on me and I'm sure it's not lost on many of the members here today that this legislation is just one more unnecessary overreach in a grossly predictably misogynistic agenda, an agenda pursued by a House, by a party that is 100% White in a chamber that is 70% male."

When GOP members in the chamber booed Sims, he fired back with a jeer of his own.

"Oh, your boos mean nothing. I've seen what you cheer for."

Despite the accuracy of Sims criticisms, Republican House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff then called for the House Speaker to cut off Sims microphone and strike his comments from the record. The Speaker, Republican Bryan Cutler, did exactly that.

Folks on Twitter were stunned by the gall of the Pennsylvania GOP.

Sims made history in 2012 when he became the first openly gay legislator in Pennsylvania history.

A civil rights and LGBTQ+ advocate, Sims followed a successful college football career—where in 2000 when he came out to his teammates became the first openly gay college football captain in NCAA history—with a law degree.

In February 2021, Sims announced his intention to run for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.

Sims also famously welcomed Vice President Mike Pence to Philadelphia with an extended middle figure and a statement calling out Pence's homophobia and divisive rhetoric.

People appreciated Sims' latest statement of unvarnished truth.

The bill has since passed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. It now will move on to the Senate.

But again, Governor Tom Wolf vowed to never let it get past his desk.