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Parents' Decision To Have A Late-Night Quickie In The Living Room After Hiding Easter Eggs Comes Back To Bite Them Hard

Parents' Decision To Have A Late-Night Quickie In The Living Room After Hiding Easter Eggs Comes Back To Bite Them Hard

Two parents started feeling very randy with each other while hiding Easter eggs for their kids in preparation for Easter.

Since one of their kids was asleep on their bed, the excited couple got down and dirty on the living room floor.

But the coast wasn't exactly clear for their spontaneous lovemaking.

Redditor "piirtoeri" shared a hilarious anecdote in the TIFU (Today I F'd Up) subReddit in which his young daughter discovered a lot more than just eggs and the Easter bunny.

"So we live in a fairly small upper flat and have two kids. It was about 1 a.m. both kids had been asleep for the night and my wife and I got started hiding Easter Eggs and baskets."
"When all this was finished up, I started feeling a bit frisky, but one of the kids was asleep on our bed."
"So we decided to have a quickie right on the living room floor."

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Their nocturnal activity was suddenly interrupted by a little observer.

"At some point during the act, I look up at our hallway and there is my seven year old daughter, groggy and just staring at us."
"My wife and I both disconnected covered up with blankets and started laughing. I instantly just blurted out to my daughter 'we just woke up too, looks like the Easter Bunny has been here better get back to bed!'"

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Due to the kid's somnambulism, the daddy took comfort in the fact that his little romp with mom would go unnoticed.

"My daughter sleep walks a lot, and never remembers anything about waking up in the middle of the night, so I was sure she had no clue what just happened."

Yeah, sure dad.

"Well, we're video chatting with my mom this morning and she asked my daughter if she got to bed on time (or else the bunny doesn't show up I guess) and if she slept okay."
"Her response 'Yeah, but he took Mom and Dad's clothes off for sleeping in the living room. Such a mischievous little guy!'"
"My mom died of laughter, our faces turned red, and now we have an Easter Memory that will take my daughter a few years to fully realize."

Many Redditors couldn't get past the word the Original Poster (OP) used to describe what happened after their kid caught them in the act.

"Disconnected? I'm dying here." – GLDNcalf
"OP. You missed the opportunity to say 'unscrewed.'" – slackmandu
"Deboned would also have been acceptable." – desireewhitehall
"Be sure to eject safely before removing hardware." – CFCBeanoMike

Others recollect similar stories involving a looky-loo.

"My sister with her husband. He was on his back in the bed. She was astride."
"No clue how long their 4 year was standing there before she yelled, 'I want the next horsey ride, Daddy!' That child is now 21. I wonder if she remembers, but I'm not going to ask!" – mystyry
"I still remember accidentally walking in on my parents. Saw mums ass in the air and turned right on around. After that all doors got a knock if they're closed (from everyone, not just me)" – IceFire909
"Idk, I genuinely cannot remember anything from before the age of 10, with the exception of a few select memories."
"I have a feeling this night will pretty much disappear from the kids memory within a week unless the parents talk about it a lot." – Jaythegay5
"One time, I was scared at night and left my room (maybe I was 7?) I don't know, but I went to open my parents door really slow, and I heard my little brothers behind me, must have been afraid too lol so their behind me, and I just had this gut feeling I didn't want to know what was going on in that room."
"My middle brothers always been the get out of my way type, and cut in front of me and cracked the door, we heard a very cringy moan, and my brother immediately went, 'Ugh, don't go in there.'"
"It was the most no sh*t Sherlock moment from my childhood, and that time hearing was just as bad as seeing." – TacoT1000

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In some ways, it's good that classes are not in session.

"You should be thankful she doesn't have to go back to school on Monday so she can tell her teacher and classmates." – sassy-blue

This Redditor gave her kids a head start on sex education.

"My kids are the type to ask a thousand questions so they learned about sex pretty early, so now anytime me and my husband are in another room alone together for even a few minutes, I hear them go, 'Hey! Where are you guys? Are you sexing!!?'" – TacoT1000

Users conferred this Redditor with many awards, including a "Gold Award" and "I"m Deceased Award" for this risible response.

"You're supposed to HIDE the eggs, not inseminate the eggs." – troglodyte_terrorist

There are worse things for kids to go looking for.

"I thought you were doing to tell us you lost track of the condom and one of the kids found it this morning." – pinkrotaryphone

Easter will never be the same for the young daughter, who thinks the Easter bunny is one odd duck.

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