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Paralympian Left 'Speechless' After Official Tells Her The Outfit She's Worn For Years Is 'Inappropriate'

Naomi Baker/Getty Images

The Olympics has drawn a lot of criticism for its outdated and discriminatory policies that have come up to block some of the best athletes from competing.

And the slights have started to seem intentional, as more and more cases show up.

One of the UK's top Paralympians, Olivia Breen, a 24-year-old with cerebral palsy, was suddenly sidelined by an official after being told her sprinter's briefs, designed specifically for competing, were "inappropriate."

Breen posted to Twitter about her dismay.

After the judgment, Breen told UK publication The Guardian that she would file a complaint with UK Athletics, though as of now, she has yet to hear back from the organization.

"I have been really shocked by the number of female athletes or their coaches who have told me about similar incidents happening to them," she said.

Other Paralympians and female athletes shared their stories on how they have been approached by male athletes, judges, officials, and referees.

Breen posted a thank you to her supporters along with a photo of herself in the sports bra and briefs that she'd been competing in:

UK Athletic officials have not yet commented on the decisions.