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Onlookers Stunned As Cat Jumps From Burning 5th Story Apartment—And Survives Unscathed


It seems like a tall tale a cat can always land on its feet, but an incident from Chicago proved it may be more true than many people thought.

A video circulating the internet shows a cat jumping out of a burning apartment building and landing on the ground completely and totally fine. Fire department personnel were filming the exterior of the apartment building when a black cat appeared through the smoke at a broken window.

The cat jumped from the 5th floor of the building—about 75 feet in the air—missed a wall and landed on a strip of grass on all four paws. The feline bounced once then hurried away.

You can see footage here:

The moment happened so quickly and was so unbelievable some people had trouble grasping what occurred.

Others took the cat as inspiration for how they were going to make it through life.

The cat reportedly went under Larry Langford's car "and hid until she felt better after a couple of minutes and came out and tried to scale the wall to get back in."

Langford is a spokesperson for the Chicago fire department that responded to the call.

The cat was not injured, nor were any humans.

The fire was contained to one apartment and was successfully extinguished.

For more on the science of falling cats, NatGeo covers it here: