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Oklahoma 'Country Boy' Goes Viral For How He Decorated The Back Of His Truck

Oklahoma 'Country Boy' Goes Viral For How He Decorated The Back Of His Truck
Cody Barlow/PA // @matthewgiger/Twitter

Oklahoma student Cody Barlow has shown his support for LGBTQ+ people during June's Pride month by decorating his truck with a rainbow bumper sticker.

The sticker, made from colored duct tape in a Pride flag design, reads: “Not all country boys are bigots. Happy Pride month."

Sharing a photo of his truck on Facebook, Mr Barlow said: “I live in a rural area in Oklahoma, surrounded by small towns in every direction, and I'm sure this is not a very welcome message around here, but this is going to be displayed on my truck for the entire month of June in support of Pride month.

“I hope everyone finds their inner strength to finally live life loud and proud without regard for the negativity of ignorant people."

The photo received more than 79,000 shares on social media, with many praising Mr Barlow, who is straight, for his show of support in an area of the US which in his words can be “intolerant."

Mr Barlow told the Press Association: “I have family, friends, and people I worked with in the past that are members of the LGBTQ+ community, and over the years I have learned more about what they have dealt with.

“I know someone personally whose own family member turned their back on them, and around here that is not acceptable. We don't turn our backs on blood.

“The intention is to drown out hatred with love, and to potentially give hope to those that may be feeling hopeless … It is all about spreading a message of compassion, love, and understanding.

“People from all over the world are messaging me and telling me they were tearing up and crying while reading my post because it meant so much to them."

The picture of the truck spread like wildfire, with people across the world applauding Barlow.

Kudos, Cody, and Happy Pride!