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Corner Store Employee Brightens Spirits By Letting Customers Take Things For Free If They Solve A Math Problem Correctly

Corner Store Employee Brightens Spirits By Letting Customers Take Things For Free If They Solve A Math Problem Correctly

A store clerk in New York City has made headlines for his viral TikTok videos, which feature him giving a five second spending spree to customers who are able to answer his math questions.

You can watch one of the videos here.

The clerk's name is Ahmed Alwan and his father owns the bodega in which he holds his challenges.

At the end of each week, Ahmed pays for whatever customers managed to grab during their five seconds.

The only thing off limits?

His cat.

Ahmed grew up in this community and holds his challenges as a way to brighten spirits.

One Reddit user gave us some wholesome backstory about Ahmed's father.

"He actually spoke on CBC a couple weeks ago. Said that his dad owns the shop and takes it out of his willingly. When asked how is Dad felt his dad said that "he is truly representing Islam" in that moment. Warms my heart." -Spades78

Many other Reddit users were touched by the videos.

"This is great, I can only hope this is a goodwill gesture from the owner. Guy can have anything he wants and chooses bread, that hits deep. Be grateful for what you have, some people don't even have bread." -NC4Life07NC4Life07

Never forget to be grateful for what you have.

"My wife works in HR for (what we'll call a distributor) and tries to hire people who not only WANT to work, but NEED to work. Her most recent hire is a young inner-city kid who lives with his aunt and had to ride his bike 3 hours to his orientation because one of his busses was out of service. But he was super stoked to get a chance to work in a warehouse."
"Over the weekend we were out grocery shopping and bought a few boxes of Hot Pockets in case he didn't bring anything for lunch. His first day was Monday and while she was onboarding him she mentioned that she 'brought in some Hot Pockets that her husband won't eat' and showed him to the freezer. He smiled and she told him sorry to mother him. He replied "I haven't had that for quite a while. It's nice."
"By tomorrow all the Hot Pockets will be gone and she'll have to come up with a new lie to cover bringing in food for him. So yes, be very grateful for what you have." -portablebiscuit

The internet loved Ahmed's efforts to make the world a better place.

If more people were like Ahmed, the world would be full of magic.

Ahmed even got a shout out from the big man himself: former President Barack Obama!

We should all aspire to be more like Ahmed, who's gone to extraordinary length to bring some joy into the world.