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Entitled Note 'Reserving' Several Picnic Tables In Public Park For Kid's Birthday Sparks Debate

Entitled Note 'Reserving' Several Picnic Tables In Public Park For Kid's Birthday Sparks Debate
AV16mm / Reddit

Commenters online are divided over what one family did to try and make their child’s birthday special. Over Labor Day weekend, they tried to reserve a set of tables at a park where there weren’t official reservations.

The tables were covered with party tablecloths and had notes explaining that the family was saving them for their child’s birthday.

However, other park goers didn’t appreciate it, and found the situation mildly infuriating.

Reddit user AV16mm shared the situation with their fellow Redditors:


The photos show a hand written note explaining:

“Reserved for a birthday party”
“Please respect the space we’ve set aside & do not use our tables.”
“This is a 4 yr. olds party. Don’t be the one to mess it up.”
“Thank you.”

This was accompanied by a photo of the tables, with a very busy park behind them.


The poster decided to share why they felt this situation was ridiculous.

“For clarification; there are no reservations at this park. Fwiw, i am also here with 10 kids doing a party, and we got here when the park opened to make sure we had space for all our guests. Silly me.”
“Edit; also fwiw, we are in a totally separate space. Its the fact that the note was written aggressively while also depending on other people’s decency to allow them to bend common courtesy that i found annoying. Its rude and mannerless. I would not respond in kind of course.”

The tables sat like this for six hours before the party arrived. Meanwhile, the rest of the park was left to bake in the sun, while these tables enjoyed some nice shade.

A lot of commenters agreed that this seemed to be a ridiculous request.

“They could have at least put the time of the party so that people could use the tables up until then and then just clear out for the actual party time.”overlordpotatoe

“I think this would have been the best thing to do in this scenario. I understand them wanting to make sure they have seats for a party they want to throw in a public park, but preventing everyone from using them all day when they're not even there yet wasn't a great choice.”copenhagenfive

“Unless stated by officials and with the officials sign and paper work, all public benches are first come first served basis.”

“Most reservations at parks are usually gazebo style buildings with lots of tables in them. Other then that you have the right to throw that sign away” Artybait

“I think on any regular day, you can just shrug and say alright I guess I’ll let the kid have his party. But if you wanna plan your kids party on Labor Day get your ass to the park early and have someone there acting busy lol”Wonderful_Ad4754

Not everyone agreed. Some commenters felt people seemed to be taking too much joy in ruining a 4-year-old’s party.

Others just respected the dibs.

“1. Respect the Dibs

2. If your party can’t beat up their party, you gotta go”runitupper

“God you people are awful”Braydexx7

“Taking extreme joy in ruining a child's party”CastInSteel

“Dude what? You’re upset about the 2 tables they saved for a 4 year old?”Legitimate_Length263

“‘Super entitled’ ppl aren't having a 4 year old bday party in a park on a hot day. Trust me.”

“These ppl are probably anything but, just trying to do something special for their kid they can afford.”

“Don't be a dick. Did you really want the table or just b**ch about it.”Apprehensive-Put-350

However, as the post went viral and more people weighed in, the tides turned. Most comments agreed that the people trying to reserve the tables were jerks.

And they weren’t afraid to let it be known.

According to the original poster, the family arrived after six hours. They immediately set up a loud stereo, which got them in trouble with park rangers.

Other park goers made sure to use the space immediately around the benches to crowd them in. Truly a beautiful response.