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Noah Schnapp Used A 'Stranger Things' Quote In His Senior Yearbook To Epically Troll His Teachers

The 'Stranger Things' star gave a shady shoutout to some of his teachers, complete with a time stamp from an episode of the show.

Noah Schnapp
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Yearbook quotes are an underappreciated art form. Not so for Noah Schnapp—one of the stars of Netflix's Stranger Things—who pulled off quite the flex in his yearbook.

A TikTok user found a yearbook from her high school that contains Schnapp's senior picture and quote and it's a mic drop.

Addressed "To all the teachers that taught me nothing."iIt then goes on to reference a particular time stamp in the show Schnapp was starring in which goes to a line said by his character.

It's not particularly complimentary.

First, the TikTok video of someone finding the quote.


#noahschnapp #strangerthings #fyp

The 'Stranger Things' quote people immediately looked up had people rolling in the aisles.




And then there was who he addressed the statement towards.

His teachers.


Others were amused by the juxtaposition between Noah and Chloe, the person next to him in the yearbook.

Chloe's quote was sweet, while Noah's was something else altogether.



Someone else noticed what we were all thinking.

How are these yearbook pictures so good?


And finally, content aside, someone pointed out what Schnapp did was every high schooler's dream move.


He left high school with a flex, that's for sure.