These Too Real Millennial Commandments Are Setting Twitter On Fire

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Whether or not you're religious, you've probably heard of the 10 commandments.

For most people, the idea of a set of divine rules that really shouldn't be broken is a sacred one, for others it's something almost silly.

For some, ten is just too many to remember - but the homie JC narrowed the whole shebang down to one commandment - love. (Matt. 22 for those of you who might find that info helpful)

Twitter account Hashtag Roundup totally took that idea and ran with it when they released a video about new commandments for millennials.

The 37-second clip gave viewers five millennial commandments (because ten was too many.)

The five commandments covered things like wifi, avocado toast, selfie filters and vinyl records.

They covered pretty much all of the stereotypical millennial topics, but if internet has taught us anything, it's that we can always push a joke just a little bit further. They put out a call for people to share some things that they think of as millennial commandments.

Brace yourselves, guys.

Things are about to get hilarious... if you're a millennial - try not to take some of this personally.

Also, can we all just admit that avocado toast is delicious? It just is. If delicious snacks are what we're ribbing millennials for, then clearly they've done something right.


Here are some of Twitter's suggestions for millennial commandments.

What commandments do you think your generation lives by?


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