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Netflix Called Out After Eagle-Eyed Viewer Spots A Major Continuity Error In 'That '90s Show'

Twitter user @fourfingerpod noticed a glaring 'blunder' involving the 1995 movie 'Batman Forever.'

Kitty Foreman in a video store with Batman Forever visible in the background

Everyone has been talking lately about Netflix's new show That '90s Show. The show is a continuation of the very popular That '70s Show and includes original cast members Kitty and Red Foreman.

That '90s Show follows the children of the original cast as well as some new characters and is full of nostalgia for those of us who were around in the 1990s.

However, at least one viewer spotted a continuity error within the show.

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Batman fan and Twitter user Four Finger Discount—@fourfingerpod—took to the internet to complain about the error in the show and even jokingly said someone should have gotten fired over it. Four Finger Discount is an Australian-based podcast network.

The network stated in the second episode when Kitty—played by Debra Jo Rupp—goes into a video store, you can see the movie Batman Forever in the background.

“You can clearly see a ‘Batman Forever’ cover in the video store.”

This wouldn't have been an issue, except in the fourth episode the characters Kikki (Sam Morelos), Leia (Callie Haverda) and Nate (Maxwell Donovan) mention they have tickets to see Batman Forever in theaters.

“Then, in Episode 4, the gang discuss going to see the film at the cinema. Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.”

You can see the post here:

As expected, the internet was torn on this one.

Some people thought it was still believable.

Four Finger Discount's reply made it clear that this was not, in fact, plausible.

Others thought it wasn't at all surprising that the show made this mistake in the first place.

Several comments pointed out Batman Forever was not the only video in that scene that was inaccurate.

A few people tried to call the Australian network out for saying someone should have gotten fired over the inaccuracy.

But Four Finger Discount's response had people laughing.

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While it's certainly not anything new for a television show to have errors such as this, that doesn't make it any less fun when you spot something that just isn't right.