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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Just Put The Current Polar Vortex In Extreme Universal Perspective For Us All 😮

Rick Kern / Contributor / GettyImages

With much of the northern part of the United States experiencing extraordinarily cold temperatures due to a polar vortex, people have understandably taken to social media to complain and commiserate.

As temperatures in Chicago drop to a frosty -25º Fahrenheit, with wind chills as low as -42º F, Americans are getting a taste of a Canadian winter.

Many are tracking this uncommon weather phenomenon, including NOAA, and at least 9 people have died due to the dangerously low temperatures.

The frigid temps have people dreaming of escape to anywhere warmer than here, even other planets.

But they'd be out of luck if they tried it, none of the other celestial bodies near us have temperatures that can support human life.

Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed this out on Twitter, showing exactly how different the planets in our solar system really are.

Some people were doubtful about the usefulness of Tyson's information.

Tyson's post really put things in perspective for some people.

People were oddly upset about Tyson's use of Fahrenheit, the temperature scale most of his audience would understand.

There was also a big whoosh.

It wouldn't be the internet without puns.

If you're in the path of the polar vortex: stay warm and bring your pets inside!