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The Deep Freeze Sweeping Through The Midwest Could Make Chicago Colder Than Antarctica 😮

The Deep Freeze Sweeping Through The Midwest Could Make Chicago Colder Than Antarctica 😮
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Chicago, if you're not bundled up already, godspeed.

The Midwest is experiencing sub-zero temperatures unlike the region has ever known, with the deadly polar vortex wiping across the Great Lakes and pushing towards New England.

On Tuesday, the aptly named "Windy City" of Chicago was zapped with an arctic freeze with temperatures dropping to negative 25 degrees.

As forecasters warned, the temperature in Chicago dropped further to a wind chill of negative 52 degrees on Wednesday morning, shuttering schools and suspending mail service.

Residents are being encouraged not to open their mouths if they must step outside.

The frigid air also affected transportation. United Airlines cancelled 500 flights at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport from Tuesday through Thursday, and Southwest Airlines cancelled roughly 700 flights at Midway International Airport, according to Fox News.

This will be the fourth time Chicago's Brookfield Zoo will be shutting its doors in its 85-year-history to protect the animals and their handlers.

The polar vortex is a large area of "low pressure and cold air surrounding both of the Earth's poles," according to the National Weather Service, and a disruption is expanding it into the northern hemisphere. Experts are calling this arctic migration life-threatening, particularly for areas that do not experience drastically cold weather.

Brian Hurley, a meteorologist with the Weather Prediction Center, described blast's deadly consequences.

"You're talking about frostbite and hypothermia issues very quickly, like in a matter of minutes, maybe seconds."

Meanwhile, other parts of the country claim Chicago's temperature drop is nothing in comparison.

One area boasted about their warmer temperatures. How cruel.

While other parts of the country offered their deepest sympathies.

The city adopts a new moniker.

People are planning ahead to stay out of the cold.

Seriously, though, this polar vortex is extremely dangerous.

There was genuine concern for the homeless population, and people responded with helpful information.

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission received a high volume of calls but the mission's president, Pat Vanderburgh, assured they will have enough beds for everyone that needs them.

Hennepin County Emergency Management Director Eric Waage told the Huffington Post that preparations for accommodations are well under way.

"The charitable organizations responsible for operating shelters are adding emergency capacity as they do whenever dangerous extreme temperature events occur."

These are history-making times.

For reference:

Stay inside, folks. And I don't care how cute Jack Frost is – don't answer the door.