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Happy National Boyfriend Day! Today boyfriends and girlfriends everywhere celebrate their boyfriends. It's unknown who exactly created the day or when, but National Boyfriend Day has been celebrated on October 3 in the United States since at least 2015, according to What National Day Is It?

The holiday is sometimes also known as National Boyfriend's Day. It joins other new and old holidays celebrating special people in everyday life, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, and also National Girlfriends Day, which is on August 1.

Today is a day meant for celebrating things that boyfriends like. Whether that means going to dinner, catching a movie, or taking the day for golf, girlfriends and boyfriends can treat their S.O. to one or all these things.

In fact, some companies have even begun to run specials for National Boyfriend Day.

However, the holiday has yet to be fully commercialized like more famous ones.

Celebrate with these funny, relationship memes:

(Imgur / EmberEls)

(Imgur / KiNg5)

(Imgur / ForestFyre9)

(Imgur / TurboIan9)

(Imgur / Jakk6)

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