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National Boyfriend Day 2017: 10 Best Quotes About Boyfriends

National Boyfriend Day 2017: 10 Best Quotes About Boyfriends

Happy National Boyfriend Day! Today girlfriends and boyfriends celebrate their S.O. It's unknown who exactly created the day or when, but National Boyfriend Day has been celebrated on October 3 in the United States since at least 2015, according to What National Day Is It?

The holiday is sometimes also known as National Boyfriend's Day. It joins other new and old holidays celebrating special people in everyday life, including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, and also National Girlfriends Day, which is on August 1.

Acknowledge your BF with these best inspirational and funny quotes:

1. "Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” ― Shannon L. Alder, author

2. "When in a relationship, a real man doesn't make his woman jealous of others, he makes others jealous of his woman." ― Steve Maraboli, author

3. "Never in life, not even a single time, you regret that time and the moments spent with that person. You will always rejoice it and remember it with equal passion and joy.” ― Mehek Bassi, author

4. "I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.” ― Crystal Woods, author

5. “Share yourself with me.

I will never judge you.

I am here

and I will stay here

only to love you.”

― Kamand Kojouri, poet

6. "The ending of your story all depends on the beginning of ours.” ― Piper Payne, author

7. "Do not just look at your boyfriend as just a boyfriend. Look at him as a friend, too." — Vanessa Hudgens, actress

8. "There's always a boyfriend. Whatever else I have to give up on, I won't give up on love." — Carmen Dell'Orefice, model/actress

9. "I feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend's T-shirt." — Jennifer Aniston, actress

10. "At 16, every boyfriend I had I was going to marry." — Jessica Simpson, singer

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