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The Internet Is Applauding Nancy Pelosi After She Threw Some Epic Shade At Trump Following His Iran Briefing

The ongoing battle of shade between President Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi can feel a bit one-sided at times.

Not because both parties aren't trying their hardest...but because Pelosi is simply so much better at it.

After a disastrous White House briefing to Congress on Iran that has been denounced by both sides of the aisle, Pelosi was asked whether it was the "worst briefing they've ever gotten."

The sass in her reply had all of D.C. covering their mouths.

Twitter is never more behind Pelosi than when she throws some shade...which is often.

No one can stop Nancy Pelosi from sharing her truth.

Memes flowed like water in response to her newest diss.

Many found it particularly impressive that Pelosi was able to deliver her jab without even breaking stride.

When she's not legislating for the good of the people, we all know Nancy Pelosi is thinking of the next great one-liner.

Nancy Pelosi has officially pulled ahead in the battle of shade, and political experts predict she'll be there for a very, very long time.