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Mom And Daughter Open Up About How They Regularly Go Out Clubbing Together Until 2AM

Mom And Daughter Open Up About How They Regularly Go Out Clubbing Together Until 2AM
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Forget mums who cramp their children's style, Gemma Clarkson is more of a style accessory for her daughter Cherie, who regularly takes her out clubbing until 2am.

For Gemma, 41, and Cherie, 22, spend virtually “all their time" together and often head out to pubs, clubs, gigs and festivals arm in arm, where fellow partygoers mistake them for sisters.

Nights out are a real family affair for the duo, from Swansea, West Glamorgan, South Wales, who love making precious memories together – paying scant regard to critics who disapprove, saying “life is too short" to care.

Gemma and Cherie (PA Real Life/Collect)

Gemma, who home-schools her son, Brady, 11, full-time, said: “I still remember going down to our local for our first drink together when Cherie turned 18. Now, we're out together most weekends. We'll go clubbing together, to gigs, to festivals – we just love spending time together.

“I get the odd negative comment, with people insinuating I'm too old to still be clubbing, or that I'm crossing some sort of parental boundary, but I'm still Cherie's parent. We're just very close."

“A lot of the time, when we are out together, people won't immediately realize we're mum and daughter. I hate to say it but they do mistake us for sisters."

Gemma and Cherie (PA Real Life/Collect)

Explaining how she was “fairly young" when she had Cherie, now a professional party planner, Gemma said the bond between them was instant.

“We go everywhere together and there's always a big mix of ages when we hang out," she said. “Her friends will invite me out and vice versa. If I'm not there, her friends will ask, 'Where's your mum?'"

Before she began home-schooling Brady full-time, Gemma used to run a pub, which Cherie would visit, socializing with people of all ages.

She added: “She wouldn't be drinking alcohol, obviously, given that she was underage, but she'd come and hang out while I was working – playing pool or having dinner with her friends."

Then, when Cherie turned 18, she and Gemma enjoyed their first legal drink together.

Since then, the mum and daughter duo have become a key part of each other's social circles, with Gemma's mum Adele, 60, occasionally joining the fun, too.

Gemma and Cherie (PA Real Life/Collect)

“My mum isn't a massive drinker, so she certainly wouldn't want to come out clubbing or anything like that," laughed Gemma. “But she will join us in the pub or for a girly day out. It's nice to have that quality time – three generations all together."

Although the majority of people are positive about Gemma and Cherie's close relationship, they have, in the past, faced some criticism.

“You do hear people say, 'My kids would be so embarrassed,' but that just makes me really sad. I don't understand the concept of not wanting to spend time with your parents," said Gemma.

Gemma and Cherie at a festival together (PA Real Life/Collect)

Gemma continued: “Life is too short to worry about what other people think. I lost a couple of loved ones last year, and I know how much their children would want to spend more time with them, so I want to make as many happy memories as I can."

“We may have an almost 20-year age gap, but Cherie and I are actually very similar. We like the same music, have the same hobbies and love going out and having a drink."

And while the pair have a blast together every time they go out, some of the best events they have ever been to were a Carrie Underwood gig in Cardiff for Cherie's 21st, and Radio 1's Big Weekend festival in Swansea in 2018.

Getting up at “the crack of dawn," Gemma managed to bag free tickets for her, Cherie and all their friends.

“Cherie shares everything with me," she said. “Sometimes, it can be slightly too much information, but I am glad she feels comfortable enough to tell me. I know she would never be afraid to tell me something, or ask me for advice or help. I'd never want her to feel like she has to hide something from me."

“I find it easy to talk to youngsters, so her friends confide in me too. Nothing is off limits. Some parents might worry that being this way would blur boundaries, and cross a line, so that I couldn't tell her off if I needed to."

She added: “I'm lucky that my children are very well-behaved, but if I ever do need to discipline them, of course I know I am still their parent. I will just raise an issue and then move on."

Gemma also believes that by raising Cherie in an environment where she was often around older people, it has made her comfortable with all age groups and enabled her to talk to older people with ease.

She said: “Our house always had an open door policy for Cherie's friends and mine, too. We're lucky that we have such a close-knit circle of friends around us, but she will happily spend time with mine and not feel fazed. We're one big group, really."

Gemma and Cherie at her mermaid-themed 21st (PA Real Life/Collect)

Not looking to hang up her party shoes any time soon, Gemma joked that she can still “just about" keep up with Cherie and her friends, and hopes that by speaking out, she will convince others not to worry about judgmental strangers.

Gemma, who is married to chef Jeremy, concluded: “I'm on the same level as Cherie and her friends and can just about keep up with them. We went out last weekend and I didn't get to bed until 2am – but as long as I get a bit of sleep, I'm fine.

“I understand people are worried about being judged, but I honestly don't see it as my problem if someone can't see where I'm coming from."

She concluded: “ It's important to retain a good relationship from a mental health perspective, evolving and being involved with your children as much as you can."

“I see quite a lot of youngsters who are desperate for some quality time and guidance, so hopefully this will help prevent future issues."

“I'm not hurting anyone, I'm just spending time with my daughter and we're both having fun. I hope one day, she'll have a similar relationship with her children, and we can all go out together."

Gemma with her husband Jeremy, son Brady and daughter Cherie (PA Real Life/Collect)

Cherie added: “Some people seem to find the idea of their parents having fun cringey, and say they're too old, but I don't see it that way. I know everyone's relationship with their mums is different, but mine is my best friend."

“I've never been afraid to tell her anything. Communication in the whole family is open, and we tackle problems together."

“I think if you come down too strict on your child, that's when they rebel as they get older, but I've never wanted to do that. My friends love Mum, and vice versa. We're like one big group. I love spending time with her and life is too short to worry about what others think."