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MTG Blames 'Completely Unfair' Media For Making Her Seem 'Unintelligent'—And Nobody's Buying It

MTG Blames 'Completely Unfair' Media For Making Her Seem 'Unintelligent'—And Nobody's Buying It
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Far-right Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's entire image runs on performative outrage, and during a recent podcast appearance she turned the outrage machine's spotlight on a new topic--herself.

Specifically, it's her reputation for being "unintelligent" and "crazy"--her words, not ours!--that has her upset.

Naturally, Greene doesn't blame this reputation on, say, her own actions.

Rather, she told podcaster Lisa Boothe that it's the media who have made her seem unhinged by--gasp!--reporting on the things she says, which are often... well, unhinged.

And as if she were trying to prove the media's point, she complained about the situation with a word salad that really didn't help the matter at all. Hear her comments below.

As usual, Greene has a very interesting interpretation of reality when it comes to the origins of her reputation for being not quite all there, if you will. She told Boothe:

"They create me as someone to not be liked. They make me out as if I'm angry or crazy or basically just unintelligent, which, you know, is completely unfair."

With all due respect to Representative Greene, she does that for herself, without the media's help. Case in point, the next thing she said to Boothe.

"But they give me all the 'isms.' You know, 'ists.' Like the racist, the homophobic, um, you know, anti-Semitic."
"They put all those labels on me and none of them are true."

That whole thing makes very little sense, both syntactically and in terms of the facts, because those accusations against her come from Greene's own words and actions.

Speaking at a conference for white nationalists? That's racist.

Insinuating that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a pedophile who trolls girls' bathrooms? That's homophobic.

And accusing Jews of setting wildfires in California with "Jewish space lasers"? That's anti-Semitic, as well as "unintelligent" and "crazy"--again, her words not ours!

As you might assume, Twitter was not buying anything Greene was selling, and they roasted her to a crisp.

It's interesting that Greene is suddenly concerned about her reputation when she's had no hesitation in saying offensive things every chance she gets for the past two years.

Perhaps it has something to do with subpar fundraising numbers for her November reelection campaign? Nah, probably just a coincidence.