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Moviepass Restricts Rules, No Longer Unlimited

Moviepass Restricts Rules, No Longer Unlimited

With Avengers: Infinity War currently dominating the box office and warranting repeat viewings, MoviePass subscribers may no longer have the luxury to see the Marvel Studios movie again without additionally paying for it.

The subscription-based ticketing service just announced it will be placing yet another restriction on it's too-good-to-be-true $9.45 price tag by no longer permitting subscribers to purchase tickets for "select movies" more than once.

The company updated their Terms of Service by downplaying the blow with a smile, hoping that the change "will encourage you to see new movies and enjoy something different!"

The service already upset subscribers when it limited the one movie ticket per day deal down to four tickets a month.

Nick Statt of The Verge expected MoviePass's impending limitations to the service.

The company's business model, which has MoviePass losing money on pretty much every ticket sold, seems too unsustainable. Two changes the company has begun toying with recently make it appear MoviePass is readying to gut the core value of the service. In other words, the moment when MoviePass stops being worth it is feeling closer than ever.

The company's CEO Mitch Lowe told The Hollywood Reporter that the reinstatement of the restriction is an attempt to combat fraud.

When we took that policy down, we saw some people turning MoviePass into a cottage industry, standing in front of a theater selling their tickets to Star Wars, or whatever.

MoviePass implemented testing initiatives to crack down on fraudulent activities by asking subscribers from certain regions to upload photos of their ticket stubs. The email warned that failure to comply would result "in irreversible termination of your subscription."

Lowe isn't sure whether the one ticket per day deal would ever return but the latest plan offers new members a three-month trial to iHeartRadio premium along with the four movies per month subscription.

Twitter had mixed feelings.

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