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Map Showing Each State's 'Favorite Movie Candy' Leaves People Scratching Their Heads

No movie is complete without a snack to munch as the movie progresses.

But what candy is your favorite?

Depending on which state you're from, the answer might be normal...or freakishly bizarre.

The Twitter account @LightsCameraPod posted a map of the U.S.A. with each state's favorite candy included.

Here's a closer look:


Twitter how no idea how these favorite candies were determined.

Some refused to believe the more outrageous candy choices.

Some of these candy choices barely qualify as candy.

Cheese slices were particularly jarring for many Twitter users.

Some people from the states in question chimed in to confirm or deny the maps claims.

There may have even been some profound truths hidden beneath the map's surface.

The next time you're in the movie theater, look around!

You never know what people from your state might be chomping into.

Get a Box-O-Snacks Super Candy Variety 3 pound box here. Sorry, no cheese included.


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