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Mother Reunites With Her Missing Son 31 Years After He Was Kidnapped At Age 2

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Lyneth Mann-Lewis. a mom from Canada, was finally reunited with her son after 31 long years.

In a press conference, Mann-Lewis said:

"Words couldn't express what I felt. The words 'Your son is alive, we found him' - that is breathtaking."

It had been a long time coming for the mom whose son, Jermaine Allan Mann,was taken from her at the age of two in 1987 by his father. The pair relocated illegally in the United States where they have remained for all this time living under assumed names.

Mann was told that his mother had died years ago. Until his father was arrested recently for using forged documents, Mann had no idea that his mother had never given up hope of finding him.

This one was giving us all the feels

Although folks were happy, there was some anger too.

But mostly tears of joy.

Thirty-one years is a long time to wait for a happy ending.