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The Most Unorthodox Ways Couples Met And Fell in Love

Reddit user bittyberry asked: 'What is the most unorthodox way you know of that a couple has met and fallen in love?'

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When two separate individuals of similar mind and heart come together and spark chemistry, it's a match made in heaven.

But the way single people are drawn to each other when there are an infinite number of romantic possibilities is a phenomenon that can't be explained other than chalking it up to fate.

Dating apps aren't always reliable. So how have some couples successfully found their forever person?

Curious to hear of love and destiny, Redditor bittyberry asked:

"What is the most unorthodox way you know of that a couple has met and fallen in love?"

There can be happiness when all hope seems lost.

Convalescing Romance

"We knew each other only a little bit through friends. I was badly injured in an industrial accident. I needed time to heal. I lived alone, and it was dangerous for me not to have someone who could check on me periodically."

"She happened to be recovering from eye surgery and wasn't able to to her job or drive for a couple weeks and offered me her guest bedroom until I could safely go home."

"I think it felt safe for her to make the offer, I was pretty much completely incapacitated and barely ambulatory."

"We had an amazing 25 years before she died. I'll always love her."

– wastedintime

Art And Passion

"My great-aunt went to Paris to study art in the 1950s, sunk into a depression, and went out to throw herself into the Seine."

"Along came a frenchman who was fresh out of the foreign legion. He talked her off the bridge, talked his way into her heart (pants), and they both moved to Sweden together and lived happily painting together for about forty years."

– HelmutMelmoth

Bad Driver Wins

"My sister swiped the side of a guy's brand new car."

"She said he got out of his car, stormed over in a rage...and had a comical change of expression/demeanor as soon as he got a look at her."

"They've been together three years."

"Also, I'm too good a driver, that's my problem."

– nocturnalfrolic_

Unlikely Matchmaker

"I read a memoir of a holocaust survivor Magda Hellinger who met her husband in Auschwitz."

"Apparently a drunk German guard who knew her by sight told her to come over one day. He started asking her weird uncomfortable questions like 'are you married, do you have a boyfriend?' and she says something like 'no no, I don't have time, I'm not really that pretty' etc. She of course wants to get away from the situation as fast as possible."

"But the German soldier is like 'What? No, we must find you a boyfriend! What about that man?' And points to a random jewish prisoner who is walking by. The drunk guard tells the man to come over and essentially starts organizing a date for them. She pretends to agree but never shows up for the 'date'. But somehow she and this Jewish man end up talking and fall in love. They both survived the camp and got married, started a family and lived the rest of their life happily together."

– foxmachine

Cupid is a mischievous fella.

I Pika You

"I only heard this from a friend, but I find it hilarious:"

"My friend went to a houseparty with this dude. This dude decided to wear his pikachu costume to the party, although it wasn’t a costume party."

"Then he met HER at the party. She also wears her pikachu costume."

"I met them once. They were super funny. They are married. End of story. :)"

– Thorbjoern_


"My brother and I took our 3yo niece to a toy store. I needed to pick something up for a baby shower, and my bro was flying a small plastic Incredible Hulk drone, that was on display, just to keep my niece entertained."

"The drone got tangled in this random girl's long flowing locks."

"My brother tried to help her get it out. He made it worse. The girl was getting pissed...and that was BEFORE my impatient niece got a hold of the controller and tried to make the drone fly while it was still tangled in the girl's hair."

"Somehow, out of this, my brother managed to get this girl's number, a date, and now they're married and about to give me another niece."

– itisverboten

Love Prediction

"Fortune Teller: 'Ah, the mists are clearing. You are going to meet a handsome stranger. I sense that he is a kind, caring man. The spirits say he has a well paid job, He installs air conditioning. You know, this sounds a lot like my son. I'll give you his number.'"

"They are still together, with kids, twenty years later."

"And people think that fortune telling is a scam!"

– Jonseroo

Changing Dance Partners

"My high school chemistry teacher took her husband square dancing, and they met another couple there. They decided they liked each others' respective partners more than their spouse, so both couples got divorced and remarried. The four of them still meet up to go square dancing."

– Informal_Pepper_8566

It was written in the stars.

The Other Cousin

"One of my cousins fell in love with my other cousin's 'mail order bride.' The feelings were mutual."

"So we had a wedding and one very unhappy cousin."

– bubblypersona

The Wedding Guest

"My grandparents told me about a woman who met her fiancé's cousin during the rehearsal dinner (night before the wedding)."

"Everyone noticed they spent an inordinate amount of time chatting that night but no one thought anything of it."

"The cousin went to talk to the bride just before the wedding and...the two of them left together."

"They've been married 62 years."

– fragilelittlemind

From Death Springs Love

"My dad is a retired doctor. One of the classes at medical school was 'how to dissect a corpe' or 'how does a real person look inside'... something like that. Friends of his 'shared a body' while studying during medical school and they fell in love right there."

– Forslyk

It Was A Rehearsal

"When my nephew was in college they had a snow day and they cancelled classes. The students decided to put on a mock wedding just for fun and they picked two students to "get married." My nephew and a girl were chosen. A few years later, they did it again, for real."

– OutrageousStrength91

Quitting Is Winning

"A guy studied to become a priest and a girl studied to become a nun. They met, dropped out, and yes, they got married."

– ymrgfssdfewef

The Winning One-Liner

"My college roommate Jeremy saw a ridiculously beautiful woman in Target pharmacy area senior year in high school. He walked up to her and matter of factly said 'so you do drugs huh?"'

"They've been married 15 years with a few kids."

"Edit: He was a senior in college not high school lol"

– ibeerianhamhock

Lovestruck Pen Pals

"My parents...back in the 70s met whilst being penpals from a certain UK newspaper. My dad was in the forces, and they basically fell in love over the course of writing letters to one another. They got married whilst only having met in person a few times, and the marriage lasted almost 30 years until his death at a relatively young age (52)."

– xxLadyluck13xx

They say love strikes when you least expect it.

So if you're single and you have a hard time looking for your perfect person, have no fear, for all hope is not lost.

Sometimes it's all about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.